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10 Self-Care Christmas Gifts Your Mum Will Love | 2021

November 08, 2021 4 min read

10 Self-Care Christmas Gifts Your Mum Will Love | 2021

It’s that time of the year again and you’re probably stressing out on what to give mum for the holidays. No matter what age, making mum feel loved and appreciated during special occasions will always remain to be a priority for many of us. This is why we think the gift of self-care is the best gift to give mum during the holidays!

Giving mum a little pamper party at home is the best way to make her feel loved during the hustle and bustle of the season. Anything from skincare to nice smelling candles is something that many people take for granted. They may be common, but they are also underrated. But if you think normal candles, bath bombs, or body care products are too simple, we’ve added a sparkly little gift hiding in every product to make mum feel extra special!

These unique self-care products from Royal Essence all contain 925 sterling silver jewellery hiding inside. These pieces are placed randomly inside each product, with over 600 designs appraised at $90 to $5000!

With that said, here are some of the self-care products we know mums will love!

Merry and Bright - Bath and Body Advent Calendar

Surprise mum with not one but 12 bath and body products! This Merry and Bright Advent Calendar contains mini jars of self-care treats like bath crumbles, body scrubs, and whipped soaps. One of these 12 best-selling scents contains a hidden 925 sterling silver necklace inside—so it’s like doing a scavenger hunt while practicing self-care!

Some best-sellers include:  Watermelon Crush, Deep Blue Sea, Pink Cake Batter, Coffee, Sweet Pea, Candy Wonderland.

Silent Night - Candle Advent Calendar

If mum spends more time practicing self-care in her room,  Silent Night is the better Advent Calendar for her. Instead of bath and body products, Silent Night contains 12 mini candles with cosy scents! Each mini candle has 10-15 hours of burn time so mum will enjoy her advent calendar for a total of 120-180 hours. The best part, of course, is the hidden pair of earrings made with 925 sterling silver inside!

Some best-sellers from our Core, Gold, Rose Gold, and Christmas Collections include:  Strawberry Shortcake, Ocean Mist, Venus Sky, and Golden Halo. 

Winterberry Blush Jewellery Candle

If you’re sure about the type of scents mum will love, a full-sized 400g jewellery candle is the perfect choice. Our limited edition Christmas Collection candles have a wide array of holiday scents from festive desserts to woody snow notes. One universally loved scent is  Winterberry Blush. This instant best-seller has notes of winter berries, raspberries, clementines, plum and vanilla. With a carousel jar design and an iridescent finish, this candle is a lovely gift for mum. 

Just like our regular candles, every jar of our Christmas candles has a jewellery surprise inside!

In Full Bloom Jewellery Bath Bomb

Originally created to celebrate Mother’s Day,  In Full Bloom  is dedicated to all mums and specially crafted to give them the pampering they deserve. This rose-shaped bath bomb contains bursts of florals like wild poppies and pink roses laced with honeydew. Matching its fit-for-royalty scent, this bath bomb will disperse a royal purple colour in her bath!

Stardust Opal Jewellery Bath Bomb

If your mum isn’t into heavy, bold scents,  Stardust Opal is the best bath bomb for her. This best-selling scent has subtle notes of musk for that ethereal but peaceful vibe when she is relaxing in the bath. This gem-shaped bath bomb also has a white opal gemstone guaranteed to be found in each one!

Coffee Jewellery Body Scrub

Busy mums always need their morning fuel with a little caffeine kick. And if she loves her morning espresso, she will surely love to take her coffee addiction up a notch and bring it to the shower! 

Coffee body scrub is proven to have many benefits from skin rejuvenation and maintaining a healthy glow. This Coffee body scrub smells good enough to drink with fine salt granules to exfoliate away the dead skin cells. Plus, she will be very surprised to find a piece of jewellery mid-exfoliation!

Cherry Blossom Jewellery Candle

Not convinced mum will like newer scents? This Cherry Blossom scent is a tried and tested best-seller. A favourite across different countries, this sweet floral candle proves to be the most alluring and relaxing for mums. Cherry Blossom is a spring candle with notes of soft florals, apples, and cherries that will teleport you to Japan. 

Strawberry Shortcake Jewellery Candle

Mum’s got a sweet tooth?  Strawberry Shortcake  will satisfy her sugar cravings! This beloved dessert is now available as a jewellery candle. We have captured the light sweetness of the strawberry treat from the shortbread to the whipped cream and the freshly picked strawberries!

Ocean Waves Jewellery Whipped Soap

Take mum to a beach getaway with  Ocean Waves.  This soap will help her relax right in the shower with the aroma of sea breeze and ocean waters. Complete with vivid seafoam swirls of colours, Ocean Waves will be her favourite shower soap, bath bubbles, and shaving cream with a hidden surprise inside!

Love Spell Jewellery Diffuser

If your mum lives in a place where open fire is not allowed or she’s simply too busy to watch a candle while it’s burning, a reed diffuser would be perfect to disperse a constant fragrance throughout the house.  Love Spell, in particular, is an all-around scent with its burst of citrus and green notes. This bottle will last up to 6 months! Alongside the diffuser, the box also contains a pouch with a sparkly surprise!