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5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

December 21, 2022 5 min read

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holidays

The holidays are fun! Spending time with those dear to us, partaking in scrumptious food and drinks, dressing up, and making memories are all classic elements of the season. However, these could be easy to overdo and we fall off track of our self-care routines. Unfortunately as a result, social burnout and physical fatigue have become almost expected experiences during the holidays as well. They don’t have to be! Here, we have some gentle reminders to stay mindful about different aspects of health while still enjoying the holidays.


The holiday season is a moderately long period of time and it will be difficult to consistently show up to your social obligations while still caring for yourself without a plan. Structure is a good place to start when maintaining your health, no matter the season. You’ll want to create a realistic and sustainable routine for the holidays, and the changes don’t have to be drastically different from your normal routine for this to be effective.

For example, you can add a 10-minute foot soak with the Blueberry Parfait Bath Crumble on nights you get home from a long night in your party heels. You can give yourself a few extra hours of sleep on the weekend if you spend the last week going to social events. You can make sure you drink an extra glass or two of water throughout the season so you build the habit and keep yourself hydrated in case you need to stay out later than usual. You can also take additional supplements to boost your immunity if you really can’t help having a lot of late nights and early mornings.

Having a holiday health plan is a way to set your future self up for good overall health, balance, and enjoyment during the holidays.


Setting aside time to rest is so important because more energy is spent socializing, staying out late, or doing the shopping. We’ve talked about the different kinds of rest you need (Read: The Truth is, You Aren’t Resting Enough: 7 Kinds of Rest You Need), and it is important to feel rested in all these ways in order to stay healthy and keep enjoying the holidays.

You can take a long bath with the Peppermint Twist Bath Bomb and let the spearmint and peppermint combo soothe your tired body. Make time in the morning to make yourself a nice cup of tea and light a Mistletoe Kiss Candle while it steeps so you can feel energized as you start your morning with journaling and some gentle yoga. Make intentional pockets of rest and recalibration this season where everything else seems to be constantly buzzing and bustling.

Getting enough rest during the holidays also strengthens the immune system, and sets you up for a holiday season free of any bugs that might be going around.


Disordered eating is common during the holidays. It is a response for some people to eat or drink more or less than usual because of stress. Add to that the fact that holiday parties usually have plenty of food and drinks waiting to be festively consumed and the social pressure to partake in it all. If you are aware that you may have a tendency to over-indulge or to lose your appetite during the holidays, conscious planning and mindful eating are your friends.

You can plan and create a mindset to allow yourself to eat all of the things that bring you joy in moderate servings. You can gently remind yourself that one indulgent meal is not going to make you gain weight. You can check in with yourself periodically during parties to feel if you’re already full and if you feel nourished by the food you just had. You can also set a cap for how many drinks you are allowing yourself to have or being firm with your “no” if you plan on staying sober this holiday season. 

You know your body and your preferences best, and that there is no one better to listen to about what is right for you than yourself (and perhaps a doctor, if your particular circumstances call for their assistance!)



Party invitations may have been  coming in for you since last month or earlier, and it’s common to over-commit to these social events when the dates are further down the line. But things can change in terms of your priorities, time, energy and health when the dates draw near. Know that it’s okay to say no.

We’re not telling you to cancel all your plans and hibernate for the rest of the season. But it’s important to know that it’s okay for plans to change and taking care of your time and energy is more important than anything else. If it’s already draining you just thinking about it, it’s okay not to go. At the same time if a certain invitation lights your heart up with excitement, make the time to go! You can even light up a Candy Cane Crush Candle while you get ready for these special events that deserve your time and energy, and even unwrap sparkly jewellery before you walk out the door!



Many people take a break from the usual exercise regimens on account of the holidays. No doubt, schedules can be busier than normal and so exercise becomes one of the things that takes the back seat. “Just for now,” we say. “Just until the holidays are over.” 

However, making the change to stop working out makes it more difficult to pick it back up in January. Make it easier on yourself! It doesn’t have to be a zero or 100 situation. Keep moving your body in the ways that bring you joy and balance during the holiday season. If you only have 30 minutes instead of an hour at the gym after work before a party, choose to still go even for that 30 minutes. If you missed your run this morning because you needed to sleep in, maybe you can make dancing at your party that evening your cardio. You can do some gentle yoga in the morning with a lit Serial Chiller Candle so you can have more energy and focus for when you anticipate a longer than usual day.


You have likely worked hard for the strength and endurance you’ve built all year up until this point, and the holidays are no reason to stop. You can still move your body in ways that keep it fit and healthy, while making room for the different time and energy commitments you have made for the holidays.

This season comes with a lot of expectations from us in terms of showing up, being merry, having a good time, and doing it all to the point of near excess. The truth is, we still have our normal lives the holidays can be complicated for some people. There’s no perfect holiday like in the movies. But we can have a balanced, fun, and healthy holiday when we become intentional about creating that experience for ourselves.

Give yourself the gift of a happy, healthy holiday season! Focus on the essence of the celebrations and stay kind and gentle with yourself. Happy Holidays!