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How to Take Your Ring Out of Royal Essence Candles

April 18, 2020 4 min read

How to Take Your Ring Out of Royal Essence Candles

How to Take Your Ring Out of Royal Essence Candles

So you just received your first  Royal Essence Jewellery Candle.  You’re excited to find your very own piece of jewellery and hope to get one with a higher value. In your eagerness to find out, you opened your package and started scouring the poor candle for some sparkle by violently scooping out cold wax to find the surprise. So you got your jewellery--but you don’t have a candle to enjoy anymore. 

It’s true that the most exciting part of the Royal Essence experience is the  jewellery reveal,  but we still strive to let you enjoy your home fragrances and bath products. This is why we encourage you to follow the proper instructions on how to take out the jewellery out of your candles or bath bombs. After all, you’re also paying for the candle too! 

All of our products contain jewellery surprises and there are different ways to find them depending on what type of product you purchased. Excited to finally reveal them? Don’t ruin your product and follow the following steps: 


Royal Essence ring candle instructions

Each piece of jewellery can be found half-way through the jar. With that said, it could take four to five burns to reveal the surprise. Sometimes, the piece of jewellery may fall to the bottom of the jar. So if you haven’t found it halfway through, don’t worry! Wait patiently and it’ll appear soon! Just remember to leave at least 10mm of wax at the bottom for safety. 

When you can see the aluminum foil used to secure the jewellery, you may snuff out the flame and scoop out the jewellery gently or use a pair of tweezers to remove it. After this, you can wash out the wax from your jewellery and find a tag with a code. You can use this code to find out the recommended retail price of your jewellery on our Appraisal page. After you’ve revealed your stunning new jewellery and its worth, don’t forget to share it with us on  Facebook  and  Instagram !

IMPORTANT: Do not dig out the wax. This will compromise the safety of your succeeding burns. Instead, wait patiently and scoop out the jewellery surprise gently once it is visible. 


Royal Essence ring diffusers instructions

Our  Jewellery Reed Diffusers  (available on the AU site only) simply need some unboxing and very little patience! Your jewellery can be found in a pouch that comes with the diffuser jar and reed sticks. All you have to do is take it out and flaunt it to your friends! Don’t forget to share it with us on our social media accounts as well!

Bath Bombs

Royal Essence ring bath bomb instructions

If you bought a  bath bomb  and you’re trying to carve it out to find your jewellery surprise, stop right there! Your jewellery is placed right in the centre of the bath bomb and it will just plop out into the water once the bath bomb is finished fizzing. The case that encapsulates the jewellery should float on top of your bathtub waiting for you to discover. You can try out your new jewellery during your bath time! 

Bath Crumbles, Body Scrubs, and Whipped Soap

Royal Essence ring bath products instructions

For our  bath crumbles ,  body scrubs , and  whipped soaps , a jewellery surprise is just hiding somewhere inside the jar or the pouch! All you have to do is enjoy the product and discover the jewellery while using it! The bath crumbles work like bath bombs so you may sprinkle it on your bathtub and reveal your jewellery. For the body scrub, a little digging in the pouch will instantly show your surprise. Lastly, the whipped soap, just like the candle, might need a little patience as you need to use it until the case peeks through and shows your jewellery. 

Do note that due to gravity, some jewellery surprises may be found in the bottom of the jars or pouches. Simply continue using the product and you will discover your sparkly surprise while you enjoy these goodies in the bath or shower!

Dos and Don'ts

Dos and Donts Royal Essence

So you’ve read through the general instructions and you’re ready to reveal your jewellery. Before you go in, don’t forget some of these dos and don’ts!

Removing the jewellery

Do: Wait patiently for an aluminum wrapper to peek through the candle wax while burning. Use spoons/tweezers to fish out the jewellery out of the hot wax and recentre the wicks if it had moved when you retrieved your jewellery. 

Don’t: Dig out the candle wax to get the jewellery out and move the wicks to dig out the jewellery. This may compromise the safety of your next burns.

Keeping the code

Do: Type the code on our Appraisal page to find out your jewellery’s recommended retail price or RRP. Want to know more about your appraisal? Clickhere to find out about our jewellery.

Don’t: Throw out the tag that comes with the jewellery. You’re missing out on knowing its value!

Using the bath bomb

Do: Wait for the bath bomb to fizz out thoroughly. The surprise should float on your bathtub shortly after.

Don’t: Break or scrape off the bath bomb to get the jewellery. 

Cleaning your jewellery

Do: Gently wash out the excess product from the jewellery packaging with water. For the candles, there might be some wax on the jewellery. Simply remove it with a towel or tissue.As the jewellery is hidden inside the wax, your jewellery might have some wax deposits around it. To clean, simply run through the jewellery under a running tap with lukewarm water. Using a soft bristled brush with some liquid soap, you can remove some wax deposits around the stone setting, if needed. Wipe with a microfibre cloth to dry and voila, your jewellery is sparkly clean!

Don’t: Soak it in water for a long time. The appraisal code might get completely wet and become unreadable.

Flaunting your rock

Do: Share your reveals on our  Facebook  and  Instagram  pages and make us all jealous! Posting a video reveal on Facebook will get you a chance to win a freebie!

Don’t: Let your jewellery go unnoticed!

All set? It’s time to discover your jewellery surprise! Find a ring, necklace, or a pair of earrings with a $90 RRP minimum up to $5000 in each Royal Essence house fragrance or bath product. Now that you’re equipped with the right instructions, you can get your surprise while enjoying our premium scents and ingredients without ruining them! Have other questions? Visit our  FAQ  page or contact our  customer support  if you want to know more!