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Royal Essence $5000 Ring? Here are Some of the Best Royal Essence Jewellery Prizes

August 19, 2021 4 min read

Royal Essence $5000 Ring? Here are Some of the Best Royal Essence Jewellery Prizes

If you ask us what it feels to find a $5000 ring inside a $54 candle, we’d say it’s like finding the Heart of the Ocean Rose threw away inTitanic  or, for a more relatable comparison, finding an extra piece of chicken nuggets in your fast food box. This is what some lucky women out of almost 300,000 customers experienced when they discovered high-value jewellery inside our candles, bath bombs, and more. 

The hidden jewellery inside each of our products is worth at least $90. This lucky dip for adults is exciting for many because of the possibility of winning jewellery appraised at up to $5000! Royal Essence has given over $500,000 worth of jewellery since we started in 2016 and amongst these are stunning pieces that many of our customers are dying to win!

If you haven’t seen these one-of-a-kind jewels, we’ve compiled some of the crowd favourite tier 1 and 2 pieces as a sneak peek of what you can win when you find that foil in your candle or bauble in your bath bomb!

Royal Essence Pearl Ring

$1400 Pearl Ring in 18-carat Yellow Gold 

When  Brenda  posted the winning ticket inside her Bubble Gum whipped soap, many of our followers got jealous over the $1400 Pearl ring she won. And if you’ve seen this jewel before, you’d know exactly why! This 18-carat yellow gold band has an opulent wreath design that surrounds a pearl center and cabochon opal cross, giving it that vintage look that will never go out of style!


Royal Essence Smoky Quartz Ring

$650 Smoky Quartz Ring in Gold Vermeil

This piece may not be in the thousands, but it still remains to be one of the favourites for its dainty design and mysterious-looking gem. The gothic feel of this natural and conflict-free Smoky Quartz gem with a marquise cut brings out a magical vibe. This is why  Carly  was ecstatic to find out that she won this year’s February raffle!


Royal Essence Amethyst Ring

$2000 Amethyst Ring in 18-carat White Gold

There’s a reason why this semiprecious gem got its name from the Greek word that translates to “intoxicate.” When our customer  Jodie  found a winning ticket floating in her Bubble Gum-scented bath, she marveled in the beauty of this oval-cut gem surrounded by two rows of little diamonds and a twisted band made with 18-carat White Gold. Many of our customers adore Amethyst rings for its majestic purple colour so this one was an instant favourite!


Royal Essence Tourmaline Ring

$1500 Tourmaline Ring in 18-carat Rose Gold

In 2018,  Kim  was just tuning into our Facebook Live event when she found out she had won a $1500 Tourmaline ring! This pear-cut Pink Tourmaline ring has a deep tone that is romantic and mysterious at the same time. Matched with a dainty 18-carat rose gold band and little diamonds, this ring is a true stunner!


Royal Essence Moonstone earrings

$375 Moonstone Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver

One of the highlights of our 12 Days of Christmas giveaway in 2019 was this pair of Moonstone Earrings  Briony  won during Day 1. This may not be worth $5000, but these earrings are a showstopper with its celestial-inspired design that features a crescent moon bed for the magical natural and conflict-free cabochon moonstone gems that glow in the light.


Royal Essence Pink Tourmaline Ring

$2800 Pink Tourmaline Ring in 18-carat Rose Gold

This Pink Tourmaline ring  Ruby  won in last year’s 12 Days of Christmas giveaway was our most-liked prize on social media. We’re sure she can’t help but flaunt the princess feel of this pear-cut gem and intricate band design.  It’s no surprise that this crown ring got all the attention as it is the perfect piece fit for a true royalty!


Royal Essence Opal Ring 

$3000 White Opal Ring in 18-carat Rose Gold

Another one of last year’s 12 Days of Christmas favourites is the White Opal ring  Kim  won. This gem might be labeled as “white,” but opals are pockets of rainbow with its iridescent colours that shift in the light. This is why they are one of our most popular gems! Set with stunning little diamonds and an 18-carat rose gold band, this high-value ring is a true prize.


Royal Essence Emerald Ring

$5000 Emerald Ring in 18-carat White Gold

$5000 is the highest RRP you can reveal in our products and our lucky customer  Ebony  remains to be our biggest winner yet! She received a stunning Emerald ring in the most vibrant green. Prior to common knowledge, emeralds are more expensive and rarer than diamonds. That’s why this dazzling piece is the most expensive Royal Essence jewellery you can reveal! 


Royal Essence Rings

How to Win These Gems

Now that you’ve seen some of our most beautiful jewellery reveals, you’re probably wondering how to score one of these beauties. There are three different ways to score a high-value piece: through a winning ticket, our monthly giveaway, and 12 Days of Surprises. 

The good old way to get a tier 1 or 2 jewellery is through finding a winning ticket inside our products. This is why we always tell our customers to check their reveals properly before throwing anything out. These lucky winners are asked to post their tickets on Facebook and claim their prizes!

If you didn’t find a ticket in your product, no worries! You can still get a chance to win through our monthly raffle. Every order across all our sites is an entry to win the corresponding month’s prize. We draw the winner every last day of the month and they join our  Hall of Famers

Lastly, we love joining in on Christmas festivities every year through our 12 Days of Surprises giveaway during the first 12 days of December! This giveaway is open not just to customers, but all our followers across social media and our newsletter. Every day, a different high-value gem is raffled away to spread some holiday cheer! Check out last year’s giveaway  winners!

We’ve given away millions of jewellery surprises and hundreds of these are worth over $500! Ready to join our Hall of Famers? Join our giveaways by grabbing a Royal Essence product or staying tuned on Instagram, Facebook, or email!