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The Ultimate Candle Gifting Guide for Millennials

March 17, 2020 4 min read

The Ultimate Candle Gifting Guide for Millennials

The Ultimate Candle Gifting Guide for Millennials

Looking for the perfect gift? Candles are the way to go. While it’s probably one of the most common gifts you could give, it’s something one will always appreciate. Think of it as receiving socks as an adult; it’s both useful and exciting! Everyone probably has useless gifts piling up in cabinets and closets, and as a gifter, you wouldn’t want to find out your gifts are just going to waste. This is why candles are perfect waste-free gifts you can give for any occasion and anyonebecause everyone loves candles!

Gifting a candle is like giving the gift of self-care. With its aromatherapeutic benefits, candles encourage people to indulge in relaxation and destress. Whether it’s during a bath, reading a book, or doing work, our favourite scents will take us to our happy places. Besides its relaxing properties, scents attach to memories easily. So whenever you gift a candle, it’s like being with that person in every memory they make while lighting your gift. 

This is why Royal Essence puts one’s memories and experiences to mind whenever we create scents and products we know women will love. Along with our signature scents, we also put a little extra indulgence with every product we have: a jewellery surprise. Gifting candles will definitely be a lot more exciting when you can give your loved ones unique jewellery appraised at $90 to $5000. This is something they will truly treasure!

Gifting candles doesn’t have to be generic either. In fact, it can be more thoughtful than other gifts as they can be completely curated. With the  wide array of scents  you can choose from, there’s a unique scent perfect for every person in your life. With that said, we’ve compiled our bestselling scents and curated them for different women who deserve the gift of self-care. 

For the beach babe 

Coco Lime Crush Jewellery Candle - Millennial Candle gifting guide

A beach babe loves the sun, always looks for adventure, and constantly travels to find the perfect beaches. Do you have one in your life? She would love our  Coco Lime Crush Jewellery Candle  that will take her back to her favourite tropical holiday with the fresh scents of coconut and crushed lime. When she’s not traveling, she will be reminded of the summer breeze at home and she’ll definitely thank you for it! We also recommend  Ocean Waters  and  Sunkissed Sherbet 

For the one with the sweet tooth 

Cinnamon Doughnuts Jewellery Candle - Millennial Candle gifting guide

Giving to someone who constantly craves for some saccharine goodness? This  Cinnamon Doughnuts Jewellery Candle  will make her house smell like there’s always something baking. Pair this candle with her favourite sweet treats and she will love you forever! We also recommend our  Royal Candy Collection  if you’re planning to splurge on this gift. 

For the one who needs to refresh 

Watermelon and Lemonade - Millennial Candle gifting guide

If you want to help someone destress and relax, our  Watermelon & Lemonade Jewellery Candle  is a breath of fresh air with its cool, bright scents of watermelon ice, freshly squeezed lemons, and sparkling water. This candle will take her to a blithe and stress-free summer day and increase positive mood. This candle is perfect for a long day at home doing chores or working as she can be rewarded with a jewellery surprise after!

For the young at heart

Rainbow Unicorn Jewellery Candle - Millennial Candle gifting guide

There’s an infinite list of things to give someone who is full of life, but a  Rainbow Unicorn Jewellery Candle  does the trick! The fun and playful notes of wild berries, cake batter, and sugar will definitely cheer up your giftee as they fill up her home with magic. This candle is great for youthful and spontaneous girls who love to add some wonder and color to their lives. 

For the one who loves to brunch 

Pink Apple Punch Jewellery Candle

The  Pink Apple Punch Jewellery Candle  was made just for social butterflies who enjoy being the life of the party. This is a perfect gift for your brunch besties to say thank you for the company, the stories, and the friendship. With hints of fruit punch, pink apples, and honeydew, this candle will remind them of your moments together. 

For the romantic 

Freshly Cut Roses Jewellery Candle - Millennial Candle gifting guide

Nothing screams romance than the  Freshly Cut Roses Jewellery Candle . With the notes of sweet rose, violets, and soft musk, this candle is for the women who love rom-coms, cuddles, and good old romantic gestures. Plus, nothing’s more romantic than receiving jewellery in the form of a surprise!

For the clean and organized 

Sun Washed Linen - Millennial Candle gifting guide

We all know someone who can’t stand closets that aren’t color coded. If you need to get them a present, useless clutter is definitely not the gift you should get. For organized people, nothing is more comforting than the smell of freshly laundered sheets and fluffy white towels. The  Sun Washed Linen Jewellery Candle  is going to be a neat present! (No pun intended.)

For the girl boss

Eucalyptus Jewellery Candle - Millennial Candle gifting guide

Get the girl boss in your life a  Eucalyptus Jewellery Candle  that will help her stay focused and hustle throughout the day. Eucalyptus is known to sharpen one’s focus with its invigorating scent. This candle will awaken her senses and fill the room with the sharp and clean scents of eucalyptus, peppermint, rosemary, and lavender. 

For your family 

Baked Apple Pie - Millennial Candle gifting guide

Bringing home a gift for your family? Our  Baked Apple Pie Jewellery Candle  smells just like your favourite things at home. This triple-scented candle will engulf your home with the scent of freshly baked apple—butter, crust, and all! 

For your loved ones 

I Love You Occasions Jewellery Candle - Millennial Candle gifting guide

If you’re looking for a candle for your loved ones with a sweet and straightforward message, our  I Love You Occasions Jewellery Candle  will tell them just that. The scents of sheer rose and lily are perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, or any special days when you just have to remind them of your love. This sweet gift will never fail to make your loved one smile. 

Gifting candles may be quite common, but the excitement will never fade especially with the surprises they will receive with every product. Everyone wants to receive a thoughtful gift that is useful and fun—and candles provide just that. So if you want to give the gift of self-care, jewellery candles will be a great start!