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Unique Bath and Body Gifts for Christmas 2021

October 15, 2021 4 min read

Unique Bath and Body Gifts for Christmas 2021

Receiving a bath bomb or a bar of soap is usually met with an underwhelming reaction. Just like photo frames and mugs, bath and body gifts seem to have a bad reputation for being a last-minute gift for acquaintances you don’t really care about impressing—but we’re here to put an end to this tragic Christmas stocking narrative. 

In fact, we believe that bath and body gifts are rather thoughtful! Giving the gift of self-care is never a bad idea, especially when you’re giving it to people who need to relax (and that’s pretty much everyone.) And if you’re still not convinced, we specialise in adding a unique twist to your typical gifts. From candles to bath bombs, we hide 925 sterling silver jewellery worth $90 to $5000 inside! So it’s a two-in-one present with a chance to win big!

These bath and body products go beyond generic Christmas gifts. They are self-care experiences that celebrate life’s surprises! With millions of bath bombs, bath crumbles, whipped soaps, and body scrubs delivered to women from Australia to the US, we are sure your loved ones will enjoy their time in the shower and flaunt their sparkly gem right after. 

With that said, we have listed down the perfect gifts for your loved ones to enjoy this Christmas!

Advent Calendar 2021 Royal Essence Australia

Merry and Bright Advent Calendar

If you want to splurge on your partner, mum, best friend, or loved one, this Merry and Bright Advent Calendar is the perfect gift! In 12 festive mini jars, they will get to try our best-selling bath crumbles, whipped soaps, and body scrubs! And in true Royal Essence fashion, one of these jars is hiding a 925 sterling silver necklace inside! 

The Merry and Bright Advent Calendar has 6 bath crumbles including our best-sellers Watermelon Crush and Sweet Pea. There are also 3 whipped soaps including Fruit Burst and Bubble Gum, and 3 body scrubs like Candy Wonderland and Coffee.

Snowflake Bath Bomb

Snowflake Bath Bomb

Whether you’re enjoying a tropical Australian Christmas or a cosy winter, we are all quick to jump into the whimsical and dreamy feel of a winter wonderland. This Snowflake bath bomb will help you relax with its notes of cedar, clove, and pine. Teleport to a snow-covered pine forest by dipping into this soothing bath! 

Just like our regular bath bombs, this limited edition bath bomb contains a sparkly 925 sterling silver surprise inside!

Gingerbread Man Royal Essence

Gingerbread Bath Bomb

If you’re looking for scents that smell more like home, this Gingerbread bath bomb is just like mum’s home baked cookies! This adorable shaped bath bomb has notes of warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla topped with delicious creamy frosting perfect for Christmas!

This 305g bath bomb can also be used in more than one bath because of its size. Just don’t forget the sparkly surprise hiding in the middle!

Tropical Treats

You don’t have to give a Christmas-themed present to feel the holiday spirit—especially not if you’re in Australia! Celebrate a tropical Christmas with our best-selling tropical bath bombs Watermelon Crush and Island Splash! 

Watermelon Crush is a fun, citrus-y scent that can both be enjoyed by kids and adults looking for that perfect summer treat! This scent can be enjoyed as both a bath bomb and bath crumble

On the other hand, Island Splash will remind you of a tropical oasis or your favourite beach. Scented with fruit cocktails by the beach and the water accords of lily of the valley and magnolia, this is perfect to unwind in the tub. This scent can also be enjoyed as a bath bomb or a bath crumble!

Sweet Tooth Staples

You can never go wrong with food-scented gifts for Christmas! Christmas is all about indulging in good food, sweet treats, and enjoying them with loved ones. This is why it is perfect to gift a scent that will remind them of these times. 

For coffee lovers, we recommend our Coffee body scrub. If you didn’t know, coffee is rich with antioxidants that will rejuvenate your skin and make it feel soft and moisturised. Plus, the decadent aroma of coffee will never fail to excite the caffeine addicts!

One of our top-selling celebratory scents is Pink Cake Batter. This whipped soap is scented with vanilla, almond, and sugar cane for an extra sweet shower perfect as a shaving cream, bath bubbles, or shower soap. 

Fresh Earthy Faves

Sometimes, maximum relaxation calls for the most refreshing fresh earthy scents. These are perfect for your loved ones who are always busy and are in desperate need of some self-soothing. And of course, the best type of fresh scents are the ones that are inspired by the ocean! 

Our Ocean Waves whipped soap not only looks like sea foam-tipped ocean waves, it also smells like it! This combination of fresh notes will remind you of the gentle breeze and the calming waves right at the comfort of your home!

The bath bomb counterpart of this whipped soap is our Deep Blue Sea bath bomb. This scent gives you the complete package from the sandy beaches to the ocean breeze so it feels like you’re bringing a piece of the ocean in your tub!

Floral Picks

For classy and romantic gifts this Christmas, floral scented bath and body products are the way to go! Floral scents are not just for declarations of love, but also a gentle reminder to practice self-care! 

One of our best-selling floral scents is our Mermaid Kisses body scrub. This body scrub not only has glitters to make your skin extra glowy, it will also fill your room with a fresh floral blend of lily of the valley and camellia. 

Another floral best-seller is Flower Bombshell. This true bouquet scent will transport you to an English garden filled with soft bursts of florals from lily of the valley to peach blossoms. If you’re looking for a self-care present for your girlfriends, this would be our top choice!