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Meet the 7 Basic Scent Profiles

January 18, 2023 3 min read

Meet the 7 Basic Scent Profiles

Scents are such important parts of our lives. There are scents that are incredibly nostalgic, even turning some of us sentimental. There are scents that just give us the good vibes when we enter a space. There are also scents that we use as cues to set our minds to a particular mood such as sleep and relaxation, as well as focus and energy.

It is common to like scents that smell similar. Have you ever identified that specific scent or kind of scent, but not really know how to describe it? Maybe you are starting a collection of home fragrances and trying to figure out which ones could work most harmoniously in the different parts of your home. Here we’re going to talk about seven basic scent profiles, so you can be on your way to curating your collection. 


A scent profile is a collection of different notes and scents that are used to encapsulate the essence of a fragrance and describe it. There are certain words and notes that perfumers use to describe the scent.  It's a way to organise scents into categories so that we are able to name them and experiment putting them together. 


Gourmand scents are theedible scents, but of course not literally! These scents often call back to some of your favourite sweet treats likecaramel, cotton candy, chocolate, coffee, and cake. Common ingredients for this scent  are vanilla, tonka bean, caramel, and honey. If you are a fan of these scents, check out these sweet Royal Essence treats:

Pink Cake Batter

Pink Parfait Candle

Caramel Fudge Candle



Citrus scents are fresh, bright, and zesty, popular in the summer or warmer months. This scent profile possesses a kind of lightness that is unique to citrus fruits, like oranges, grapefruit, lemon, and lime. Here are our top citrus picks:

Squeeze the Day Candle

Lemon Squash Bath Bomb


Orange Slices Whipped Soap



The fruity scent profile is more rounded and sweeter than citrus scents, yet still bright. They add a bit of sparkle to the fragrance. The fruity scent profile includes the other fruits, like strawberries, blueberries, pineapple, bananas, cherries, and more. Here are some of our fruitiest self-care essentials: 

Watermelon Crush Bath Bomb

Fruit Burst Whipped Soap


Floral scent profile is one of the most popular one, as it simply smells like a bouquet of flowers. Roses, ylang-ylang, geranium, are some examples. Here are some Royal Essence products with a clear floral scent profile:

Freshly Cut Roses

Flower Bombshell Bath Bomb

Sweet Pea Bath Crumble


The fresh scent profile is a pretty wide one. It encompasses fresh scents like powder, as well as greens, and aquatic notes. This scent profile smells fresh, uplifting, and clean. These are some recommendations from our catalouge if you are drawn to this scent profile:

Peppermint Twist Bath Bomb

Ocean Mist Candle

Mermaid Kisses Body Scrub




This scent profile has warmth and spice as its most dominant characteristic. This scent includes spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper, as well as oriental notes like incense. 

Gingerbread Swirl Candle



The Woodsy Scent Profile is like bottling up the fragrance of the forest. Notes of this profile include sawdust, earthy, and dry--think cedarwood, sandalwood, cypress, and pine, among others. 

Mistletoe Kiss Candle



Just like taste and preferences with clothing and decor, the preference for certain fragrances is really personal. There are some scents that can really light you up and make ypu feel good, and there are some scents that you can't stand. But when you do find the scents you love, make it a priority to indulge yourself life's little pleasure of smelling good and perfuming your space with the scents that uplift you.

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