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What is Gold Vermeil and Why Should You Get One?

July 30, 2021 4 min read

What is Gold Vermeil and Why Should You Get One?

For many years, Royal Essence has given you 925 sterling silver jewellery in candles or bath and body products. We have always made sure that our  jewellery reveals  are not like the cereal box freebies you toss away after finding. Royal Essence reveals are an experience you get to cherish for a long time. Now that we have released our long-awaited Gold and Rose Gold Collection, we made sure we chose the best type of jewellery you can flaunt on every occasion!

Vermeil jewellery has recently been making waves in everyday jewellery lines for its durability and affordability. Now, you can get these as sparkly surprises inside  our candles! If you still have lots of questions and you’re unsure if vermeil is for you, here are a few things you should know about these trendy new pieces.

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What is Vermeil and How is it Different from Gold-Plating?

While you’ve probably only heard of vermeil recently, this French gold-plating technique has been practiced for as early as the 18th century. Also known as silver-gilt, vermeil comprises of a 925 sterling silver base and a thick coating of gold. This method is commonly used in trophies, medals, and crown jewels as it provides a lighter weight made with less expensive raw materials.

Now, vermeil is widely used in the industry as a high-street option to gold and rose gold jewellery. To maintain its high quality, jewellery pieces are subjected to strict requirements to be categorised as vermeil. To qualify as vermeil, industry standards require a thick coating of at least  2.5 microns—that is five times more than the 0.5-micron requirement of regular gold-plated jewellery. 

vermeil vs regular gold-plating


If you received gold or rose gold vermeil jewellery, you may also notice that it is stamped as 925 sterling silver. This is because vermeil requires a 925 sterling silver base instead of the usual copper or brass base of gold-plated jewellery. Lastly, depending on the country, vermeil must use at least 10-carat gold as the plating. Meanwhile, the vermeil rings, necklaces, and earrings you can discover in our products contain 14-carat gold!


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Why Should I Get Vermeil Jewellery?

Being that it is quality jewellery, vermeil pieces are perfect for everyday wear and tear. With sterling silver as its base, it is hypoallergenic, perfect for sensitive skins, and will not turn your skin green like a copper ring would. Vermeil jewellery will also last a long time with proper care. It will not tarnish easily because of its thick gold plating. 

In the case that your jewellery tarnishes with age or reacts to harsh chemicals, it will only remove the gold plating and expose the base silver metal so you can still flaunt your jewellery in its silver form! With that said, it will still not turn your finger green or cause any allergies. 

If you’re looking for quality gold pieces that won’t break the bank, vermeil is the perfect in-between option. While it is not as affordable as regular gold-plated jewellery, it is definitely a less expensive investment than solid gold jewellery. 

Of course, if you grab our  Gold & Rose Gold Collection, you are guaranteed to receive a gold or rose gold vermeil piece worth at least $90 for the price of a candle so it’s a two-in-one treat! You will also get the chance to win our monthly giveaway for tier 1 jewellery that are made with 18-carat gold and natural gemstones worth up to $5000!

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How Do I Care for My Vermeil Jewellery?

You revealed the perfect vermeil jewellery and now you want to make it last forever. How should you care for it? Proper care to any type of jewellery, including solid gold, also applies to vermeil! This includes limiting exposure to chemicals found in soaps, shampoos, and pools. While you can occasionally shower with your vermeil pieces, the reaction of the metal to these chemicals may contribute to tarnishing over time. 

You can definitely wear your reveals every day, but doing little things like putting on perfume before wearing them and storing them in airtight containers when not in use will help them last longer! Exposure to food that has fats, oils, or certain spices may also contribute to tarnishing so remember to limit your jewellery's contact to food and remove your ring while eating that pizza!

When it’s time to clean your jewellery, you may simply dip it in lukewarm water with gentle liquid soap and use your fingers to remove dirt. Do not use harsh brushes to avoid scratches. After rubbing away debris, rinse with clean water and pat it dry with a clean soft cloth. 

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Ready to Reveal Your Vermeil Jewellery?

Now that you know about vermeil, you’re ready to own a stunning new piece! Our  Gold and Rose Gold Collection  gives you the option to choose between gold and rose gold vermeil jewellery. You may also choose your surprise among rings, necklaces, and earrings! And did we mention we’ve updated our designs? Our vermeil jewellery surprises have a daintier and more whimsical look and feel! You can find some of our customers’ reveals  here

Ready to reveal your gold and rose gold jewellery? We have six scents from fruity to gourmet that guarantee vermeil jewellery in every jar! Which one are you choosing?