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Bath Bombs - A New Way to Pamper Yourself

Do you enjoy a slow and relaxing bath? Aside from scented candles, body scrubs and bath salts, you can pamper yourself with amazing bath bombs. These scented and colourful babies will make your shower time not just relaxing but also enjoyable.

What are bath bombs used for?

Are you tired of just having a hot or cold water bath in the tub? Do you want to take your bubble bath to a new level? Then get a bath bomb as soon as possible. Bath bombs are a hard-packed mixture of dry ingredients which effervesces when wet. They’re used to add essential oils, scent, bubbles and colour to bathwater.

Why use bath bombs?

Bath bombs contain essential oils which are great for the body. One of which is the eucalyptus oil which can help take off your sinuses when you have a cold. You can also use them for aromatherapy. The oils that the bombs contain can enhance your mood and make you relaxed, less stressed, or more awake. Other than the health benefits, bath bombs have different colours and scents. One you place them into the water, it will be like dipping into the bathtub of your dreams. Why use bath bombs you ask? They’re like mini dream baths in palm size shapes.

Why do bath bombs fizz?

As mentioned before, bath bombs are hard-packed mixtures of dry ingredients. The primary constituents of the bath bombs are a weak acid and a bicarbonate base. These are nonreactive when they are dry, but they vigorously react when dissolved in water to produce their unique fizzing over a period of several minutes. The best bath bombs are the fresh bath bombs. The fresher the bath bomb, the more the fizz, so as soon as you get the bomb, it’s best to be used as soon as you can for maximum scent and fizz. It’s quite a fun thing to watch really, but they are even more fun if you jump in as soon as you chuck the ball into the tub. Hence the name, “Bath Bomb”.

What are bath bombs made of?

The bath bomb’s primary ingredients are a weak acid, which is usually critic acid, and a bicarbonate base, which is baking soda. Other than that, corn starch or arrowroot is added for that silky sensation in the bath. They also contain healthy salts and oils. Other ingredients are scents and colors which. Lastly, there are decoratives added, depending on what kind of bombs you choose, they could contain petals, hearts, or even jewels.

How are bath bombs used?

Bath bombs are usually used in the bath tub. All you have to do is plug the drain and fill the tub with hot or cold water as much as you desire and toss the bomb in. You can either enjoy watching the fizzing of the bomb from outside the tub or you can also jump in as the bomb is still exploding. If you want to save the bath bomb, you could always split it in half, and it wouldn’t necessarily be less effective than being whole. But if you find yourself hesitating to drop the small, dreamy, and fragrant ball it into the water, it makes a good air freshener too.

Which essential oils are used in bath bombs?

Other than the eucalyptus oil mentioned in the second question, bath bombs also contain aromatic chemicals extracted from botanical called essential oils, which give the scent. These essential oils are also which provide the therapeutic part of the bath bombs. The essential oils can depend on which type of therapy you want and which bomb you pick. For example, if you want to be a relaxing a calm experience, you should go a grab a Vanilla bath bomb.

Now you know bath bombs better. So, which bath bombs are the best for you?