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5 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using Body Scrubs

January 04, 2022 3 min read

5 Reasons Why You Need to Start Using Body Scrubs

You might think soap and water is enough to keep your skin fresh and healthy. With the rise of skincare having more emphasis on the face, body care often gets overlooked. What many people don’t know is that exfoliating and moisturising their bodies also have a huge impact on their overall glow and self-care. 

One body care staple is body scrubs. They come in different scents, colours, and with different ingredients. Some use sugar or microbeads, but Royal Essence uses fine sea salt to exfoliate even the most sensitive skin. 

Many of our customers swear by these body scrub as it has become an essential part of their shower routine. Why? These exfoliating powerhouses not only smell good and contain a sparkly surprise inside, but also have many benefits. Here are just a few:

Removes Dead Skin Cells

Just like every other exfoliant, the main goal of body scrubs is to eliminate dead skin cells. Dead skin cells can deposit in pores which dominoes into many different skin problems from flaky skin to acne breakouts. 

You probably already use an exfoliator for your face, but the rest of our body needs some love too! We can get acne from many different places from our backs to our butts. This is why it’s important to scrub away not only dead skin cells, but also the dirt and pollutants that stick to our bodies as we go along our daily routines. 

Think soap is enough to remove dirt? Probably not! These soaps are designed to eliminate oils and some obvious dirts so exfoliating is recommended to get rid of the tiny pollutants we do not see from afar!

Absorbs Moisture

With those pesky dead skin cells gone and pores unclog, your skin will finally be ready to absorb moisture more effectively. It’s important not to skip exfoliating in your shower routine as body scrubs make your skin feel softer not just by eliminating dirt, but also aiding your favourite moisturising soaps and lotions. 

After exfoliating, you can seal in the moisture with a  whipped soap. Our Whipped Soaps are packed with shea butter and mango seed oil that not only boosts moisture, but also has anti-inflammatory properties that many of our customers with skin conditions love! This combined with a body scrub is perfect to exfoliate and moisturise sensitive and normal skin types alike. 

Prevents Ingrown Hair

Unclogging pores through body scrubs not only prevents acne. It also has a lot of other benefits including preventing ingrown hair and razor bumps. Having clogged pores increases your risk of getting ingrown hair. If you shave regularly, make sure to also exfoliate regularly and moisturise your skin as improper shaving care is the leading cause of ingrown hair. 

Ingrown hair can cause permanent scars and even bacterial infections so it is important to prevent them and soothe any razor bumps with body scrubs and moisturisers!

Aids Skin Repair

Body scrubs can also help alleviate some skin problems from skin redness, dry patches, and acne scars. With our special formula designed to be more moisturising than your usual dry body scrub, these help repair skin with fine sea salt to reduce any harshness when exfoliating. 

By removing dead skin cells, you might notice some rough areas of your skin improve as well. Body scrubs help get rid of that cracked and dry appearance with some essential oils and natural ingredients like the coffee grounds of our  Coffee body scrub

Helps Keep Your Skin Fresh and Rejuvenated

With all these benefits mentioned, body scrubs ultimately keep your skin looking fresh and glowing from within. It might be tempting to just put some shimmering oil to appear to have healthy skin, but nothing compares to having your skin issues treated from its root cause. 

By adding body scrubs to your shower routine, you’ll find that it vastly improves your skin texture. You can now have that inner glow look that you think is only achievable with highly expensive products. Simply use these exfoliators once or twice a week and get that soft and supple skin in no time!

Find your perfect body scrub scent and reveal a 925 sterling silver surprise hiding inside every jar! Shop our body scrubs  here.