There’s a reason dead skin cells are called dead—and that’s exactly why you should bid them goodbye. Hydrate your skin and rejuvenate your senses with our collection of premium ring body scrubs. Crafted by the experts, each scrub boasts of an all-natural formula that is safe for use and revitalizes the body from within. Let your skin absorb all the essential oils it needs while a gorgeous piece of jewellery awaits to be yours.



Find Love in Ring Body Scrubs

Body scrubs are a skin care product that exfoliates the face and body. It contains massage oils and essential oils mixed in, usually, salt or sugar. Body scrubs aid in the removal of dead skin cells and impurities from the skin, leaving your skin looking younger and revitalized after rinsing and as a bonus, even leaves a fragrant scent on your body.

Every ring body scrub here at Royal Essence contains a surprise ring inside!

We’ve provided a short Q&A for first time body scrub buyers.

Where to Get Your Body Scrub?

Body scrubs are readily available right here are Royal Essence Australia. We provide top quality body scrubs, and to top it off, each and every one of them comes with a ring inside.

Where to Use a Body Scrub?

A body scrub is rubbed on the skin all over the face and body. First, you have a shower with warm water, to soften your skin, and then take a dollop of the body scrub and rub it all over the body in circular motions.

Which Body Scrub is Best for Oil Skin?

For oily skin, a scrub is highly recommended. The combination of dead skin cells and excess oil from the skin can lead to more pimples and acne. For facial exfoliation, the best scrubs are the ones containing charcoal, which can help absorb excess oil, cucumber, a mild astringent and helps shrink pores, and lemon, which helps reduce excess oil production, among many others.

Which Body Scrub is Best for Whitening?

For skin whitening, the best scrubs are the ones containing coffee, which brightens and moisturizes the skin, brown sugar, a natural skin whitener and great for exfoliation, and coconut, which can penetrate the deeper layers of skin and lightens it.

Which is the Best Body Scrub?

Everyone has various skin types and skin sensitivities. There is a wide assortment of scrubs, each one highlighting a certain ingredient and its superb effects. To find the best scrub for you, you need to identify your skin type and sensitivity, along with finding the ingredient that works best for it. Don’t be scared to explore and try different scrubs, because along the way of finding the perfect scrub is a new you with skin so much younger, softer and more beautiful.