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5 Small Steps to a Big Spring Clean Up Success

October 25, 2022 5 min read

5 Small Steps to a Big Spring Clean Up Success

The big spring clean can be a daunting task, and this may be why most people do it just once a year. Over the course of that year, dirt can settle in the nooks and crannies in our homes, more drawers all over our homes turn into junk drawers,  and more and more clothes get filed into the other side of the closet. 

It happens to the best of us and this is the purpose of the grand reset. However, because the cleaning tasks pile up, it could be very intimidating to even start. But because a clean house can help with the clarity of your mind too, it is definitely  task worth braving.

These tips will help whether you have a few hours over the course of a few days, or a whole weekend to get it done.



Planning for your spring cleaning is really important because you'd want to really carve out a dedicated time for it, plus, there’s nothing worse than making time for something only to find out when you start that there are some supplies missing.  Make sure you have all your cleaning products and that all your tools are in good working order.





This planning stage also includes shopping for restocks. Go grocery shopping a day before so you can restock the fridge and pantry Tiktok style.  Don’t forget about the bathroom, too! Restock the Zolly Candy Wonderland Body Scrub and get a few jars of the Lolly Burst Sugar Scrub Cubes and Strawberry Gelato Bubble Bars to last you through the rest of Spring and Summer.



When you start planning out your spring cleaning weekend, make sure to include time to reward yourself too. Having a reward to look forward to is going to be a big boost in motivation to get things done in time and done well. You can book a mani/pedi to restore those hard-working hands and feet. You can book yourself a complete day of rest in your schedule where you do nothing or everything you want. You can get you a relaxing and refreshing bath bomb like the Watermelon Crush Bath Bomb from Royal Essence. Get it a week in advance so you’re almost itching to get the cleaning done because you have a beautiful piece of jewellery to outlook forward to, too.


Whatever reward you choose, the important thing is that you give yourself something special and take care of yourself too after taking care of your home. 



Going room by room is something you probably do already when you do your spring cleaning,  But to do that more efficiently,  you can do the most challenging rooms first while you still have your energy full, and move to less difficult rooms as your day runs out. Maybe you have stuff you don’t use or even remember anymore in boxes sitting in your garage. Perhaps the kids’ rooms are full of clothes they have outgrown and toys they don’t play with anymore.

One of the most challenging and most tiring things about spring cleaning is the decision fatigue. While it is, of course, physically exhausting to do a major clean up, the mind also gets tired of constantly making decisions about what stays and what goes, and what to do next or where to put things. It’s best to get the room with the most decisions waiting to be made out of the way. This way, the size of the work left  to is more or less compatible with your time and energy as you naturally become more depleted.


Working from top to bottom is an important tip to remember when doing your spring clean. Start with your ceilings and and walls before your clutter, and do the sweeping and vacuuming of the floors last. This way, all of the dirt that may fall onto te floor are swept away last, instead of sweeping the floors first only to have to do it again after it gets dirty again from ceiling dust or balled up receipts.

This can also apply to your whole house in general, starting from the attic down to the basement. This way, you are just working your way down instead of spending your valuable energy climbing steps every now and again. This is also a great strategy to keep yourself from dirt re-entering the already-clean higher stories with dirt you may have on your shoes or clothes.  


There are plenty of spots that are missed in the regular weekly resets, and those spaces are counting on the spring clean to get refreshed. Examples of this could be under the washer and dryer, as well as behind and under the couches and beds. Check your fridge and pantry for food in the back left to age beyond its prime, and don't forget to wash your fridge trays and defrost your freezer for cleaning. Wipe down the baseboards and the underside of your dining chairs. This way, you know the whole house is sparkling clean. There’s something just a tiny bit annoying about knowing you’re leaving certain places untouched that can make the difference between feeling completely satisfied that the job is well done instead of half done.


Now that the major cleaning is done, it’s time for some fun and a few final touches. Your home may be smelling like cleaning products. Some people like that just-scrubbed scent, but if that’s not your cup of tea, you can leave a Mermaid Kisses Diffuser in your bathroom instead and light the Ocean Mist Candle in your living room. (Read: 5 Tips for Choosing the Perfects Scents for Your Home)




Change up your home decor as well to reflect the shift in the energy and the change in season. Switch out your throw blankets and pillows, change your drapes, and replace your doormats for something more appropriate for the season. Get an extra Summer Glow Candle too, to have a hint of Summer in your home before it actually arrives.


Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be the monumental, overwhelming task we often make it out to be. With the proper strategy and time and energy management, it’s a yearly practice you might even start getting excited about. Maintain your hard work with regular resets for the times in between ( Read: Keeping Your Home Immaculate: A Guide for the Busy Professional) Remember, spring cleaning is part of self-care and it is an investment in your physical and mental health in the long run!