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8 Gemstones You Need in Your Life Now and What They Mean

March 30, 2020 5 min read

8 Gemstones You Need in Your Life Now and What They Mean

8 Gemstones You Need in Your Life Now and What They Mean

There is no denial that humans love shiny things. Anything that glistens is a sign of glamour, opulence, and luxury. Jewelry is one of the ultimate signs of wealth, especially at the height of excess and grandeur in the 1960s. However, since the past decade, millennials have redefined the meaning of gems and sparkly things. In search of clarity in a post-truth era, the younger generation turned to new age practices guaranteeing to give meaning and healing to their lives. 

You’ve probably seen these all over Instagram. Many celebrities and influencers have been promoting crystal healing as a way of coping with mental illnesses and practicing self-care. And just like crystals, the meaning of gemstones has come a long way since the ancient times and still remains to be significant to millennials in creating memories, incorporating healing, and expressing their individualities. Royal Essence loves gemstones! This is because we believe each one of them has a certain characteristic and flare that can truly resonate with each person. 

There is just something so fascinating about these gemstones and how they’re formed. Its preciousness comes with the feeling of taking a piece of the Earth with you in your everyday life. Gemstones go beyond fashion and accessories, this is why we chose them as little surprises in every product. As we believe in  creating lasting memories , these gemstones will definitely help. So if you’ve recently revealed a glistening gemstone from our products, we’ve listed down their meanings and how you can incorporate them into your life. 

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 Amethyst Ring Royal Essence

Amethysts are one of the most popular gemstones of this generation. Its mesmerizing color certainly plays a big role to its demand. The origins of its name comes from the Greek myth of the wine god Bacchus. “Amethyst” is derived from its Greek translation that means “not intoxicated.” This is why people use amethysts now to  promote  clarity and balance. 

When to use:This type of quartz can be used when you need inspiration and clarity. Whether it’s emotionally, mentally or spiritually, the healing power of amethysts will help you. So if you find yourself needing a bit more balance in all aspects of your life, grab an amethyst and manifest its healing properties. 

Aurora Boreale 

Aurora Boreale ring Royal Essence

There’s just something otherworldly about an aurora boreale gemstone (also known as Labradorite). For the wanderers obsessed with the northern lights, this gemstone is just like an encapsulated form that gives a whimsical feeling. The iridescent gem has this unique spectral shift that gives the illusion of the natural phenomenon in a pocket-sized form. 

When to use:Labradorite is said to relieve stress and promote inner peace. Just like the northern lights, this gemstone will give you a feeling of oneness with your surroundings, helping you tune into a more tranquil state. Many  believe  that seeing an Aurora Boreale gem is a good omen, a sign that you will overcome unexpected obstacles. So if you revealed an Aurora Boreale ring, good things will come your way!


Opal ring Royal Essence

October babies love their birthstone! This is because opal is another mesmerizing iridescent gem that is just a spectral experience to the eyes! There has been a lot of mystical belief tied to this gemstone simply because of its ability to shift colors and shine in the smallest light movements. Opals come in many forms and are categorized into its varied preciousness. These different types also have different meanings. For one, blue opals are said to promote communication with spiritual guides while pink opals are journeying stones that enhance divination

When to use:There are many healing uses for different types of opals, but this “Queen of Gems” is said to generally promote optimism and creativity as well as love and passion. Being that it is linked to many spiritual practices, they also help heighten awareness, intuition, and emotional clarity. 


Citrine Ring Royal Essence

Citrine gems are a fun choice as accessories due to its varying shades of yellow. Its name is derived from the French word citron which translates to “lemon.” Needless to say, this gem has an uplifting and playful feel perfect for a pick-me-up. 

When to use:Said to  carry  the power of the sun, Citrine’s bright and bubbly look is said to fill you with imagination and creativity. It is also perfect for strengthening relationships, maintaining happiness, and increasing productivity. 


Emerald ring Royal Essence

People’s fascination with emeralds dates back to 4,000 BC. Some cultures even believed that there’s a goddess trapped inside the gem. Now, it’s considered a sign of wealth and prosperity and used to display fortune. The strong green color of the gemstone inspires passion and wisdom. Dubbed as the “stone of successful love,” emeralds are one of the top precious stones. 

When to use:Emeralds usually signify the big words: passion, love, justice, and meaning. Whenever there’s a major event in your life, emeralds will guide you through doing the right thing. Aside from this, emeralds are known to improve mental clarity, wisdom, and intuition.


Moonstone ring Royal Essence

The iridescent glow of the moonstone is simply entrancing. It has the same spectral colors as opals, but moonstones are often more opaque. It is also compared to aurora boreale gems as they come from the same labradorite family however, moonstones are light and more soothing. 

When to use:Moonstones signify new beginnings. So whether you’re moving into a new home, having a child, or just doing something new, having a moonstone with you will help you manifest happiness, abundance, hope, and good fortune. 


Sapphire ring Royal Essence

There’s nothing more royal than the deep blue shade of sapphire. It’s no surprise that ancient kingdoms use these precious gems to symbolize wisdom, power, and strength. There are many other colors of sapphire, but the blue is more popular due to its use in history and in mystical practices. 

When to use:The main use of Sapphires is giving wisdom in important situations. If you’re dealing with any sort of dilemmas and decisions, having a blue sapphire will help you be enlightened and reach the right conclusions. 


Tourmaline ring Royal Essence

Tourmaline has many variations in color. Each color also has a different meaning and usage. Generally, tourmaline gems are used for healing and protection, however, its many different colors mean different things and help with different aspects of your life. 

When to use:Find yourself needing peace and clarity? Blue-green tourmalines do just that! These stunning gems encourage open communication and purity. Green tourmalines on the other hand symbolizes courage during rough times. Meanwhile, pink tourmalines are used in the need for compassion and spirituality. 

Going beyond fashion and accessories, incorporating gemstones into your life has many benefits. Whether you believe in their different powers and healing properties or not, we all have this fascination with these mesmerizing gem and how they’re formed. Gems are truly one of the things closest to magic. Perhaps this is why it has been closely tied to mystical practices. One thing’s for sure, there is no harm in trying them out and owning gorgeous shiny stones! Revealed one of these rings in our products? Share them on our  Facebook  and  Instagram !