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How to Take Care of Sterling Silver Jewellery

September 17, 2021 4 min read

How to Take Care of Sterling Silver Jewellery

One of the beautiful things about silver jewellery is that it can be worn every day without high maintenance or worrying about tarnishing and turning your fingers green. This is why silver remains to be the popular choice for jewellery no matter what age group. Many of our customers give these little sparkly surprises to their kids, as they can survive the everyday wear and tear. And of course, they also keep silver for themselves to flaunt at work, in school, and even in special occasions. 

This doesn’t mean you can give your silver the harsh treatment all the time. Just like other types of jewellery, some basic care is needed to maintain its shine and to ensure that your jewellery can have its full potential. Silver can last  up to 40 years  when cared for. So take out your notepads and find out how to take care of your sterling silver jewellery!

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But First...Is It Real?

If you got your jewellery from our products, it is 925 sterling silver guaranteed! If you bought your own silver or want to see it for yourself, there are  many ways  to test the legitimacy of this metal. For silver, all you need is some stuff from your kitchen!

The best way to check the authenticity of your silver is through looking inside the band. Every piece of our jewellery, including gold or rose gold vermeil, has the “925” stamp inside the band or the chain to mark it as 925 sterling silver. You might need to use a magnifying glass or the zoom in with your camera to see this microscopic stamp! 

Not convinced? Turn to science to check your silver! If you’re casually browsing in shops and don’t have any tools to check, you can simply sniff it! Oftentimes, fake silver jewellery smells metallic or sulfuric. Silver, on the other hand, is completely odourless. But if you don’t want to look weird sniffing some rings in public, simply rub the metal off with your nails and check if it flakes off or wipe it with a cloth to see if any residue comes off. Sterling silver should not flake or rub off!

Lastly, if you have sterling silver at home, bring it to the kitchen and test it with a magnet or an ice cube! Silver should not be magnetic, so simply grab a fridge magnet and check if it sticks. If it does, it’s definitely fake.

You can also tell its authenticity by putting it on ice. Out of other common metals, silver has the highest thermal conductivity. This means it melts ice faster than usual. You can prove this by watching ice melt in real time or checking for  carve marks  on your ice cube. 

how to clean sterling silver jewellery royal essence

Ways to Maintain the Sparkle

While silver can survive many everyday situations better than most metals, it’s still not a super metal that can withstand any occasion. The best part is, the bare minimum silver jewellery care is not that taxing. Just be mindful and your bling will last a long time and be sparkly all throughout. 

One of the most important things to remember is to take off your jewellery while cleaning or dealing with harsh chemicals like swimming in the pool or touching bleach products. Many metals corrode or tarnish from these  chemicals  so always beware. Don’t worry, minimal exposure will not do some damage! Just remember not to expose your silver to these chemicals for too long. 

When you’re done flaunting your sparkly surprises for the day, make sure they are dry before storing. You can store your jewellery in any dry surface, preferably in a drawer where there’s no direct sunlight. For jewellery you only wear during special occasions, invest in a nice jewellery box where you can allot space for every piece so they are not in direct contact with each other. 

There is also a popular advice to shrink wrap your jewellery. This is completely unnecessary and only does more good than harm! Avoid putting plastic wraps on your pieces as they may leave marks. Simply store them in a dry container and you’re good to go! 

how to clean sterling silver jewellery royal essence


How to Clean Your Jewellery

For the jewellery gathering dust in your drawers, they’re just one clean away from looking brand new and ready to flaunt! All you need is the following: a stainless steel bowl, soft-bristled toothbrush, dishwashing liquid, hot water, bicarbonate or baking soda, and a dry soft cloth. 

This method is perfect for both silver and gold pieces! All you need to do is bring out your jewellery and prepare your ingredients. First, mix the bicarb soda with dishwashing liquid to form a paste. 

Then, pour warm water into the stainless steel bowl and soak your jewellery for 3 minutes. Once done, take out your jewellery carefully and rub the paste in with a toothbrush. After cleaning your jewellery, run it under lukewarm running tap water and wipe it dry with your cloth. And you’re ready to flaunt!

how to clean sterling silver jewellery royal essence

Now that you know the easy tricks to keep your silver jewellery sparkling, it’s time to start your collection! We hide these  sparkly treasures  worth between $90 to $5000 in every  home fragrance  and  bath  and  body  product we have so you can reveal them in no time!