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How You Can Win a Royal Essence Ring Worth $5000

September 06, 2021 5 min read

How You Can Win a Royal Essence Ring Worth $5000

Whenever we formulate scents or design jewellery, we always have one thing in mind: experience. Over the past few years, we have heard many stories from our customers about their lives and how Royal Essence is intertwined with their everyday self-care routine. These stories continue to inspire and guide us whenever we come up with new products, and this is why providing an experience like no other is one of our four values. 

With all these stories, we found that there was always a common denominator. Whether we give surprises to busy mums, teenagers, or other women from different walks of life, they are looking for a little me-time as a form of escapism or a reward after a long day. 

We know these women deserve nothing but the best and this is why we are always excited to announce our big winners and see their priceless reactions. Even with over $500,000 worth of jewellery given away, watching every winner unbox their high-value ring and receive their goodies still makes our eyes sparkle.

If you didn’t know, we have previously  sat down  with some of our winners to get to know more about them and how they stumbled upon our products. They also flaunted their big blings and unboxed some goodies and the appraisal certificate on camera to take us on the journey and share their experience with us! 

Get to know some of our winners and how they won their big prizes: 

EBONY: $5000 Emerald Ring

NSW-based Tier 1 winner Ebony loved filling the office of her family’s business with our scents so much that she had bought almost all our classic scents from Cinnamon Doughnuts to Watermelon & Lemonade. After trying Royal Essence candles and bath bombs for a year, she had gotten her sister and her colleagues hooked along the way. 

When her sister joined our 21 Days of Giveaways, Ebony decided to give it a try. The next thing she knew, she was flaunting a $5000 Emerald ring—our biggest prize yet! 

“I couldn’t believe it, that I was so lucky to be able to win such a beautiful ring and of such high value,” shereacted during our visit. 

PRO TIP:  If you want to win like Ebony, watch out for our yearly 12 Days of Surprises giveaway during the first and second week of December to get chances to win high-value rings! Stay tuned via  Instagram  or  email!

Julie: $2000 Charles & Colvard Ring

Raising four boys is no easy feat. This is why we think Julie is a super mum! As you may imagine, keeping a home fresh and smelling good is not something that comes easily when you have four kids who run around and play sports. This is why Julie turned to our candles for a little help. Little did she know, she was going to win a $2000 Charles & Colvard ring from us!

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After a trial-and-error in finding out which candle will get the stamp of approval from her family (and finding out her husband enjoys Cinnamon Doughnuts), it was in Ocean Waters, now  Ocean Mist , where she found the winning ticket! 

“It was a nice reward,” she recalled. “I’ve had a pretty rough year medically and I was feeling rather down...things do happen to good people and you can put a smile on someone’s face with something small, like a ring.” 

PRO TIP:  On top of monthly giveaways, we hide winning tickets inside our products so always read papers inside the packet before throwing them away!

Corinna: $3000 Tanzanite Ring

Corinna, our Day 12 winner from our 12 Days of Surprises 2020, received a breathtaking $3000 Tanzanite ring along with some goodies and she unboxed it on camera with her daughter! This young mum from NSW is just looking for some self-care goodies and closely following our posts and newsletters when she came across our yearly giveaway and decided to give it a go!

We love watching winner unboxing videos and seeing everyone’s reactions when they first see their high-value ring. Watching Corinna and her adorable daughter take a peek at the goodies that came with the ring, such as a  Rainbow Cloud bath bomb  and a  Love Spell diffuser , made our day! Especially when they got that closeup of the beautiful gem!

PRO TIP:  Join all 12 days of our Christmas giveaway! An entry could be following us on social media or referring to a friend, so there are many ways to win. Get as many entries in and join every day. Who knows? You might be our last winner like Corinna. 

Laura: $3800 Sapphire Ring

Mum of four Laura loves sneaking away and hopping in the tub for some quiet me-time. After receiving a Royal Essence candle for her birthday, she instantly fell in love with these two-in-one treats. With her favourites being our bath and body products, it’s no surprise that she discovered her $3800 prize inside our Coffee body scrub!

When Laura received her prize, we were so happy to hear that it was exactly her style and that it fit her perfectly. This Sapphire ring has a dainty white gold band and little crystals surrounding it and it looks absolutely beautiful on Laura. We’re happy this ring has found a home!

PRO TIP:  Incorporate some of our products in your everyday skincare and get a chance to win big! Every  month, one order is one entry to win our monthly high-value ring giveaway! 

Robyn: $3500 Citrine Ring

Robyn was all smiles when she received a vibrant Citrine ring worth $3500! This mum and nana first heard about Royal Essence when she came across our jewellery candles on her Facebook newsfeed. As a lover of both fragrances and jewellery, it was the perfect treat for her!

After getting hooked on these self-care goodies, Robyn has tuned in on our Facebook where we usually hold live events and raffle off high-value rings. During our 21 Days of Christmas 2017, Robyn’s name was one of the lucky ones drawn live!

“I was bewildered and excited. I hadn’t won anything like that in the past so it was unbelievable,” she gushed. 

PRO TIP:  Stay connected with our  social media accounts  for some giveaway announcements, live events, or even promos!

Our Next Winner

Royal Essence $5000 winner

With many women now owning thousands of dollars worth of jewellery from us, we are excited to give away even more to make some lucky ones’ days! These high-value gemstones are truly one of a kind and we’re always looking for women to give them a new home. 

On top of the sterling silver surprise you might find inside our products, your order will automatically become an entry to win our monthly giveaway. Every first week of the month, we show off a lovely high-value ring with a natural gemstone or Moissanite and 18-carat gold, white gold, or rose gold. 

You can also join our 12 Days of Surprises giveaway where you can enter by following our social media accounts, joining our newsletter, and more! These Christmas presents start on the first Monday of December—call it an advent calendar full of gems! Lastly, we hide winning tickets inside random products so always keep your eyes peeled and read the papers that come with your ring to check!

We can’t wait to get to know our future winners and listen to their self-care stories! Are you our next winner? Enter our giveaways and be our next  hall-of-famer!