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Keeping Your Home Immaculate: A Guide For The Busy Professional

September 13, 2022 5 min read

Keeping Your Home Immaculate: A Guide For The Busy Professional

Many of us wear many different hats and we switch them out throughout the course of the week, even throughout the day. After taking off your work hat on Fridays, you may have trouble thinking about which one to put on for the weekend, if you decide to put one on at all. We have limited time most weekends to jam in our responsibilities, family, hobbies, and rest. And yet, our homes beg to be reset just so we can go into the new week with a sense of renewal. In this blog, we have a few suggestions about how to do this in different ways with  limited time, so that you can choose one or more that are right for you!


If weekends are even busier than your weekdays, setting a time limit for resetting your home can help. When you set a time limit, you’re going to get so much more done than if you didn’t. Anything takes as long as you want it to take. Setting a time limit will help ensure that you remain focused on the ask at hand, which in this case is cleaning and tidying up your home. Lighting the Squeeze the Day Candle can help you get in the mood to carpe diem!


Looking around your home and seeing everything that needs to be done could be overwhelming. But you could divide the monumental task of a home reset into small, bite-sized pieces. Then you can pick which of these tasks you will choose to spend time and energy on. Your kitchen could be a mess, with dishes still left in the dishwasher and groceries waiting to be put away. Then your bathroom mirrors, sink, and shower need to be wiped down. Then the kids’ playroom could have all the toys emptied from the bins out onto the carpet and every other room in your house. It could overwhelm you to think you have to do everything. It could seem like there is not enough time to make a significant impact, but don’t pressure yourself to have it all done all at once. Divide, choose, conquer, repeat. Then be okay with not getting everything done in your set time. You can keep doing little things over the course of the week so you don’t get overwhelmed with doing it all at once during the weekend.


If you really have just one hour in the weekend to reset your home somehow, choose the space you spend most of your time in during the week. If you work from home you might want to focus on resetting your home office or desk. Throw away irrelevant pieces of paper and properly file those that are important. Sharpen your pencils and wipe down your monitors and other office equipment. Put books back on the shelves and while you’re at it, dust the shelves too. Vacuum your rugs or carpets. You could probably take another hour after everything is done to plan the week, while you light a scented candle like the Queen Bee Candle , just to really seal the deal and own being such a Queen.

If you work at the office, it could be a good idea to reset your bedroom so it can be prepared to meet you and help you get a good rest after a long day of work. Replace your sheets and fluff your pillows. Clear your bedside tables, as well as your work bag.  Re-organize the makeup and skincare you’ve used during the week and wipe your dresser down. You may have some clothes strewn in random places in your closet thanks to the rush of getting dressed in the morning. Do your future self a favour and just put it back where it belongs, so you’ll know exactly where to find it when you need it on another day. Then enjoy your fresh, clean, cosy room while you put on some soft music and light the Stardust Opal Candle while you get some well-deserved time just doing nothing.



You know what they say about teamwork, it’s gonna work! If you feel like you have to get everything done on your own and you are overwhelmed, consider asking someone to help. It could be your partner, your kids, some friends, or even a professional service. Especially when there’s so much to do that one person cannot realistically be able to do without breaking down in exhaustion. It’s okay to ask for help and it’s normal to feel resistance against the idea. However, putting your mental, physical, and emotional health ahead of any clutter is most important. The next tip could also help.




Maybe you're not running on limited time as much as you’re running on limited energy. There are days you just can’t be bothered because you’re so tired or unmotivated. If this sounds familiar, you can reframe it and think about the home reset as another form of self-care, not just a couple of chores. Put on some good music or one of your favourite shows to run in the background while you tidy up. Have a goal to get as much done as you can and to have as much fun as you can while getting stuff done. You can even set up a fabulous reward for after, like a long, luxurious bath with the Princess Crown Bath Bomb.



Lastly, this option is for when you can get away with a little bit of tidying in each of the areas of your house. This is the quickest one of all and it is something you can probably do once you've done the more major resets. This is the one where you do some minor decluttering and organising just so your spaces always look and feel refreshed. You can set up the Mermaid Kisses Diffuser in a key area to keep a light, refreshing scent floating in your home with zero maintenance– you can set it and forget it. 


Your home is a reflection of you. At the same time, your home impacts how you live and how you feel. Maintaining a beautiful, tidy home  is a way to honour yourself and the things you have worked hard to have. It also helps set you up to be happier and more productive in the long run. Give that to yourself!