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5 Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Royal Essence Candle

December 07, 2022 3 min read

5 Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Royal Essence Candle

A Royal Essence candle is one of the best gifts to give. It’s definitely going to make those you love incredibly happy. But what about giving it to the one you should be loving more– yourself? Here are five reasons you should treat yourself to a Royal Essence Candle!


If it’s your first time getting yourself a Royal Essence Candle, you won’t have to settle for anything you won’t absolutely love. Our extensive catalogue of gorgeous candles definitely has something for everyone. We have a variety of candles available for different personalities and preferences . The fragrances in our candles are inspired by tropical destinations like the Golden Halo Candle, reminiscent ofa sunkissed holiday in the Carribean, gorgeous bouquets  like on the Cherry Blossom Candle, fruity treats like the Lychee Sorbet Candle, and delectable desserts like the Pink Parfait Candle.

The packaging will always make a stunning addition to your home, whether you prefer quirky fun designs like on the Feel Good Collection or elegant designs like on our Gemstone Collection. There’s definitely a candle that’s perfect for you!


Our candles are hand crafted with 100% natural soy wax. Soy wax has a cleaner burn, with no after-smell after extinguishing, unlike paraffin wax candles. Our candle wicks are also made with premium cotton. Aside from this, our candles are triple scented with premium fragrances. All of this ensures that your space will be well-perfumed with the scent you have chosen. The packaging is absolutely luxurious as well. Our candles come in beautiful boxes and  glass jars that have colourful and iridescent designs on them to make them extra special. 


Royal Essence products always deliver a little extra razzle dazzle! After burning the candle for about three hours, you can expect to see a shiny foil package peeking out of the melted wax. Carefully extinguish the flames and use a pair of tweezers to retrieve the foil packaging from the wax. Fortunately, because we use soy wax, it won’t burn your fingers when you unwrap your jewellery, but please do remain careful! 


When you unwrap the package, you will find a gorgeous piece of sterling silver jewellery! Our jewellery come in Gold Vermeil and Rose Gold Vermeil as well, depending on the candle you choose. There are three jewellery variations to choose from: a necklace, a ring, or a pair of earrings.  Our rings even come in 5 sizes: ring size 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10. You’ll definitely find something you love!


Our jewellery also come with a tag with a code. You can then head to our appraisal page, where you can see how much your surprise jewellery is worth. All of them are worth $90-$5,000! You’re a sure winner, whichever one you get!


With  their very nature, candles bring warmth and colour into our homes. It brings good vibes and makes any day or any moment special. Lighting a Royal Essence Candle can become a valuable part of your self-care routine for this reason. With everything going on in the world and all the stresses of life as individuals, it’s so important to create intentional moments of slowing down and enjoying the moment. A Royal Essence Candle is the perfect slow-down self-care partner. You can light a Boss of Everything Candle while you journal in the evenings or a Rose All Day Candle while you set an hour aside at night for an episode of your favourite series with a glass of wine. A lit scented candle really brings a sense of awareness and being present when one’s sense of smell is activated.


With all the many scents and designs to choose from, not to mention the thousand jewellery designs we have hiding in our products,  you can definitely start a collection! Starting a candle collection is such a great idea because you’ll then have one in every room, for any mood. We have limited edition candles too on special occasions like Halloween and Christmas, so you’re sure to have the perfect scents in your collection to commemorate these events and even take you back anytime you want to remember. 


These are just some of the reasons why you should get a Royal Essence Candle for yourself. The last and most important one would be simply that YOU DESERVE IT! Now go ahead Queen, treat yo’self!