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The Ultimate Royal Essence Holiday Gift Guide!

December 07, 2022 6 min read

The Ultimate Royal Essence Holiday Gift Guide!

Part of the most stressful times of the Holiday Season is all the shopping that has to be done. If you’re almost at the saturation point with all the festivities, this blog to recover:  5 Easy Ways to Handle Holiday Stress.

However, read on if you’re ready to face the festive challenge of shopping for your loved ones! We’ve compiled a few suggestions for the lovely people on your list. There’s a gift that’s right for everyone from Royal Essence!


You know Mums are going to say they love whatever you get for them and that it’s always the thought that counts. But Mums deserve the world! We’d love to spoil them with something really nice and thank them for everything that they are and everything that they do. This is why it’s often difficult to shop for them. Below are some suggestions that Mum will definitely love, and she’s going to mean it this time. 

The Golden Halo Candle

This candle is a blend of warm and fresh radiant blend of juicy pear with ripe forest berries, with a slight musk undertone that will remind you of a sunkissed holiday

The Gingerbread Swirl Candle

This is for the mums who love making the sweet treats for the family during the holidays. This is going to make her home smell like freshly baked gingerbread cookies between batches!

The Flower Bombshell Bath Bomb

This bath bomb smells like the exquisite bouquets you would usually get her on special occasions, except she gets to soak in these wonderful fragrances! She even gets a sparky ring at the end of her self-care time. It’s definitely the pampering she deserves!



When shopping for our besties, it could be a challenge because they may all like different things. Often, the fact that these differences and little quirks about our friends make the relationship unlike any other, and that deserves celebration! Here are some suggestions for gifts for the girls this Christmas!

The Boss of Everything Candle

This is the perfect gift to give to the Boss Babe in your life! This candle has the uplifting, luxurious scent ofblend of tuberose, plum cocktail, and a bouquet of white magnolias, perfect for the woman who loves the finer things in life. It’s going to be her favourite thing in her office!


The Cranberry Cocktail Candle

Now for the life of the party, holiday or not, the Cranberry Cocktail Candle  is the perfect gift! This candle smells like avivacious sparkly cocktail mixed with delectable fruity toss of sugared cranberries, soft winter rose & milky musk, reminiscent of a berrylicious bubbly.  

The Donut Worry Be Happy Candle

This is the gift for the bubbly girl in your life whose best self comes out when she taps into the child in her and lets go of all the stresses of life. Put a smile on her face with this candle that smells like baked hot doughnuts fresh out of the oven. Add sugary pink frosting to top off this special treat!



Kids are often easy to please, but of course that’s not enough. You wanna be the best mum, dad, aunt,  or uncle for the little ones, so you’d have to give them the coolest gifts! Here are a few gift ideas that they’ll enjoy today and keep as a happy memory many years down the road.

The Princess Crown Bath Bomb

It’s never too early to teach the little ladies that they deserve to be treated like princesses! Self-care is a valuable part of life and the Princess Crown Bath Bomb is a fun way to get them into it. This bath bomb fizzes up in the bath to reveal a gorgeous piece of sterling silver jewellery that they can wear after, too.


The Rainbow Cloud Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is already cute as can be out of the box, but the experience of having it fizz up and fill the tub with swirls of vivid colors!

The Puptastic Candle

This puppy-themed candle will be an amazing gift to the little ones in your life who have a furry best bud. Make sure they have adult supervision when burning the candle and getting the puppy-themed jewellery out of the candle. Now they’ll have something to wear all the time to remind them of their best bud wherever they go!



The Queens and Kings of our hearts deserve the royal treatment everyday, but especially during the holidays! It’s the perfect time to let them know how special they are and how happy you are to be spending the cosy season with them. Here are some gift ideas that are sure to make them feel like royalty.

The Mistletoe Kiss Candle

This is a sweet gift to give to the one person you’d like to kiss under the mistletoe this season! This candle smells like a lush winter forest, and you can enjoy it together under a blanket in front of the fire. When the jewellery comes up, you can even make a moment of it and put it on your love.


The Honeybee Bath Bomb

This bath bomb is the perfect one to give to your honey! With the soothing scents ofcreamy vanilla with a blend of citrus and sugared berries and luxurious it’s the perfect way for them to treat themselves any time they want. This bath bomb reveals a gorgeous piece of silver jewellery inside.


The Pucker Up Bath Bomb

This lip-shaped bath bomb is a cute one to give to your love! It’s a romantic gift that lets them know how much you love them! It lets them know that as much as you’d love to give them a kiss, you would love them to take some time to themselves. And that’s so much more precious than anything money can buy.


This Christmas gifting tradition is fun, for the element of surprise and just sheer delight of getting something from someone unexpected. However, depending on how you do it at your organization, company, or school, a wish list may or may not be provided and there is a possibility that you may not  know the person well at all. So what’s a wise Christmas shopper to do? Pick an absolute crowd pleaser! Here are some of our best-sellers to get you started:

Pink Cake Batter Whipped Soap

Everybody loves cake! This Whipped Soap smells exactly like this scrumptious dessert. Your secret santa will definitely love this one! Especially when they find the ring, earrings, or necklace inside this delectable treat! 


The Cherry Blossom Candle

The Cherry Blossom Candle is a best seller for a reason! The scent allows one to reminisce on the most romantic days of spring with the sweet blend of soft florals and crisp apple mixed with a hint of cherry. This is a candle that anyone and everyone will love!


The Stardust Opal Bath Bomb

This gorgeous bath bombsurreal mix of light musky undertone with fresh and velvety fragrance base notes. A very sophisticated scent that is sure to seduce your senses. 


Don’t forget to put yourself on your list! You deserve to treat yo’self, especially during the holidays. It’s a season to give love to others, but we can only ever give others the love we give to ourselves. 

The Rose Quartz Bath Bomb

The Rose Quartz is the crystal for self love. So what could be better than giving yourself a self-care and self-love session in a warm fragrant bath? Only doing that and getting a beautiful piece of sterling silver jewellery featuring a gorgeous rose quartz gem to remind you to keep loving yourself!


‘Tis the Season Advent Calendar

Our Advent Calendar is the perfect way to give yourself little gifts every day. This Advent Calendar even has a necklace in in one of the candles!

The Ocean Waves Whipped Soap

Give yourself a mini vacation by giving yourself the Ocean Waves Whipped Soap. It has anexquisite and alluring scent, bursting with the aroma of fresh sea breeze and ocean waters. If there’s anyone that deserves a vacation, it’s you!



We hope these suggestions help you sort out your Christmas shopping! Then you can finally have some time for yourself using your new Royal Essence self-care essentials and enjoy the holidays!