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If You’re Single, Here are Five Ways to Have a Party of a Life on Your Own

September 27, 2022 4 min read

If You’re Single, Here are Five Ways to Have a Party of a Life on Your Own

Most people think of their respective singles season as a waiting room. It is a space where they wait for the rest of their lives to begin after meeting the love of their life. This blog is an invitation to shift your perspective if you happen to resonate with this. Your single season could be like a dressing room instead– room to explore and try things, have new experiences,  and allow yourself to be the centre of your focus. Here are a few ideas for how to make the most of this season, before your lover jumps in and joins the party. 



During your single season, you will inevitably have plenty of time. Most of this time is probably time all to yourself. All this time is an opportunity to get to know yourself on  a different level. At this point, you must know yourself to some degree, but your single season is an opportunity to deepen that relationship and knowledge of yourself. If this is something you might want to do, you can integrate a daily habit of journaling about your day  and reflecting on what you have learned about yourself. Make this time something you look forward to by lighting the One in Melon candle to remind yourself that you are truly one in a million, and that everyday is an opportunity to discover why. 



Your single season is a time for dating yourself. That means that aside from getting to know yourself, you also get to decide 100% of the time which experiences would enrich your life and really fulfil you. Having nice dinners with yourself is definitely a great idea–you only have to make sure that you like where you’re going and getting dinner. Aside from that, you can go on a special spa day and get a mani-pedi and a massage. You can have a spa day at home as well! You could light up the Serial Chiller candle, and drop a Peppermint Bath Bomb into the bath and create a spa vibe right in the comfort of your home. 

Do not limit yourself to common date night ideas either, there are so many to try! You can go to  art galleries, create art yourself, and enroll in a cooking class. You could or go to a local winery to learn more about wine so you’re sure to have a good glass when you spend an evening at home bingeing your favourite series. 





Just because you are single doesn’t mean love must be absent from your life. If you look around, you will likely see that you have so much love around you. Start with your family and friends and allow yourself to feel and acknowledge the love that comes from them. Get those big bear hugs from your kids if you have them.  If you are lucky enough to have a furry companion, you’ll be very familiar with unconditional love. Take your girls on a night out and don’t wait for the cocktails to kick in before you tell them you love them. Maybe a bit of mum and daughter time is due too, call up Mum for a nice chat and let her know how much you appreciate and love her. Getting these special people presents is one way to show them love. ( Read: Gift Guide for Every Kind of Woman in Your Life) But there are many ways to express and experience love to those around you, including yourself. Repeating the daily affirmation “I am loved” is a great way to remind yourself of the fact. It will help to have this affirmation written somewhere visible in your home. The I am Loved candle is the perfect way to do just that, while filling your home with the scent of lang ylang alongside juicy tropical pineapple and a base of patchouli, sweet vanilla and amber.


This is the time for you to focus on being in pursuit of building financial freedom and doing what you really have to do in your life. If you are lucky to already have this in your life, there is always room for expansion, even change. You could find and pursue new passions, diversify your income streams, and even give back to the community. Maybe you’ve always wanted to start a business, sell your art, or make that bold investment  move. Being single means that you get to decide this for yourself without necessarily having to consult anyone. You are definitely the boss of your world and you deserve it all! Honour this part of the journey with the Boss of Everything candle.



Travelling alone is among the most enriching things you can do with and for yourself. Especially when you travel to a destination abroad, you will be impressed with your independence and self-reliance. From creating the  itinerary, booking the plane tickets and the experiences, and finally going and navigating a place you’ve never seen before, you’ll learn something new every step of the way. Even if you just drive to the next city, you just might learn how much you can do on your own. When you’re out there, you would have to take care of yourself and take a break. A nice bath or a foot soak at the end of your day on your adventures with the Island Splash Bath Crumble.


Throughout this whole process, remember to live in the moment and genuinely enjoy everything you choose to do. This is your life! And you deserve to live every bit of it happy and fulfilled, regardless of whether you are partnered. When you do find the one, this joy and fulfilment will only be multiplied. 

“Stop waiting for love and start living! There are many stories your life is meant to tell,  and finding love is just one chapter.” -Mandy Hale