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5 Fun Ways to Date Yourself

October 05, 2022 5 min read

5 Fun Ways to Date Yourself

Going on a date is something that should be done more often. A date is a special, intentional time to connect and enjoy, and it doesn’t have to be with anyone else but yourself! Whether you are partnered or single, spending time with yourself with the sole purpose of fun is a necessary part of your self-love and self-care journey. Here are a few ideas to get you going!



This is definitely one that you’ve heard before, even something that you have likely done several times in the past. We’re starting with this one since it’s a date that never gets old. Life will continue to throw unexpected twists, challenges, and changes your way. The at-home spa day is one of the things you can do to rest and reset your energy, so you can continue to gracefully manage life at 100%! Set up the mood with soft lighting and a sweet fragrance with the help of a scented candle like the Daisy Dream Candle. Grab your current read and choose a playlist filled with songs you love or loops of relaxing spa music so you don’t have to get up to change the song once you’re already settled. Soak in a stunning, colorful bath with the Flower Bombshell Bath Bomb


When your skin is softened and gently perfumed with the bath, you can give yourself a gentle massage as you slather on some lotion. If you’re feeling like doing a spa day with all the works, this is where you could also give yourself a nice mani/pedi and use the Candy Wonderland Body Scrub to exfoliate your hands and feet before painting them. Now you’re perfectly pampered and ready to go again!



What’s more romantic than a candle-lit dinner? You can treat yourself to one at that new restaurant you’ve been wanting to try! Dining alone is an empowering thing to do for many people. If dining at home is more your speed, you can order in a dish you’ve been craving or unearth your “Recipes to Try” Pinterest board and have fun making dinner yourself. You can even get a special bottle of wine or make a delicious cocktail especially for nights like this, and throw in a delectable dessert! It’s a great way to connect with yourself because you get to feed your body a nourishing, delicious meal, eat slowly without the interruptions or pressure of a conversation, and really be mindful of how everything tastes and how you feel. You can even dress up for the occasion, even when you’re having this special meal at home. And who can forget the candle to this candle-lit dinner? Our recommendation would be the Pina Colada Candle, so you can get that tropical vacation vibe while you’re at it too. This date idea is simple, easy, and something you can treat yourself to, any day of the week!


Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn? Take yourself on a date to do just that! There are classes for many different interests and art forms these days. You can get the information to get a new hobby started or acquire a new skill over an afternoon or a weekend. Give yourself the gift of your own time and focus, as well as the fun and fulfilment of learning something new! You could go for a cooking lesson, a bread making class, a painting class, or even a pottery or woodcarving class. There are cocktail mixing, wine tasting, and coffee making classes as well. There’s so much to try and learn. Imagine if you went to these classes once a month or every few months. In a year you’d have learned so much and widened the scope of what you’re able to do and talk about! You can even dedicate just three hours to yourself on the weekends taking a class on an online learning platform while you wait for your new Donut Worry Be Happy Candle to melt enough so you can get your surprise jewellery! Talk about a win-win!



It could be a walk in the park, sitting under the sun on the beach, going fishing, or going on a hike and staying the night on the mountain. Mother Nature has a scenery and an activity for every kind of preference and lifestyle. Being in nature is a great date idea because most of the time you really aren’t on your own. There are beautiful flowers and trees, little critters, and other people you just might meet and become friends with. Nature’s beauty helps clear the mind and that makes it easier to think straight and listen to yourself, especially if you’ve been getting distracted, anxious, and overwhelmed. A day with yourself in nature is an easy day well spent and is often refreshing and inspiring. Complete this date by journaling about your insights on your trip and how you feel with a scented candle like the Starry Night Candle





You deserve to say, “Anything for you, Princess!” to yourself once in a while. Where’s your favorite place to go to shop? Do you like shopping in-store or online? Choice is all yours! It’s good to go out with the intention to get yourself something nice sometimes. We often go shopping when we need something, or when we get gifts for others. But when was the last time you just got something as a treat, just because? There must be a lot of things on your wishlist! Pick the one that would give you most joy and least guilt, and go for a treasure hunt of that! There are so many options. Maybe you’ve wanted to try that new shade of lipstick your favorite brand just came up with. Or you’ve been wanting a gorgeous piece of art to hang in your living room to switch things up and add a dose of beauty to your home. Royal Essence candles and bath essentials are great treats for yourself since they smell amazing and have an EXTRA sparkling treat inside! Treating yourself doesn’t have to break the bank either, so pro tip: subscribe to our email list and follow our social media to be up to date with the latest sales and promos!


Like any date, plan these out on your calendar and most importantly, don’t ghost yourself! Stay committed to your plans and dates with yourself. When you show up for yourself fully, you are able to trust yourself better and have a stronger relationship with the one who's got you for life, YOU.