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8 Inspiring Lifestyle Influencers You Should Follow Right NOW!

October 17, 2022 6 min read

8 Inspiring Lifestyle Influencers You Should Follow Right NOW!

There are thousands of pieces of lifestyle content out there on the internet and it could be hard to sift through them to find the best ones. Lifestyle content is as varied as the creators themselves, but self-care comes as the heart of many of these creators’ posts. It’s important to be mindful of the media and content we consume for our mental health, so it will help to only follow influencers or thought leaders whose goals and values resonate with our own. Here we are rounding up some of the best lifestyle creators who allow authenticity, self-love, and good vibes to lead their advocacies and content creation. Here are eight influencers who create amazing content on  Nutrition, Wellness,  Fashion, and Beauty!


Nutrition is one of the fundamental parts of self-care. We get our energy to get through the many things we need to do throughout the course of the day from the food we eat. Prioritising the intake of healthy, fresh food is one of the best and most important things we can do to take care of ourselves. It’s important to get this kind of content or advice from experts in the field as well and  these influencers are just that!

Rebecca Gawthorne: Dietitian & Nutritionist (@nourish_naturally)



Rebecca is a dietician and nutritionist that advocates for nourishment over restriction. For many people, the instinct is to just cut calories by eating extremely small portions of incomplete foods and that in turn results in undernourishment and a likelihood of creating more problems like lack of energy and micronutrient deficiency. She also goes into detail about the science behind cravings, so you can better understand what your body is telling you. She also documents her shopping trips so you can see what goes into a healthy, nourishing cart in a world where supermarkets are filled with overwhelming choices. She also shares easy, quick recipes and ways to make your favourite food healthier. A lot of the food she shares is plant-based, but the recipes look so good and the nutrition is through the roof that you’ll want to try them, no matter your dietary preferences. 

Lyndi Cohen: Dietician and Nutritionist (@nude_nutritionist)



Lyndi goes deep on nutrition myths and diet culture. These are really important conversations to have regarding nutrition in today’s society, since there is so much false information circulating and the standards for health and beauty have been both increasingly rigid and confusing. She also has a podcast called No Wellness Wankery, where she delves into these issues much deeper. She also has an app called Back to Basics which includes plenty of healthy recipes, workouts, and mindset tips to help you become the healthiest version of you, while simplifying the process of doing just that without all the bells and whistles that can often get overwhelming.


 Wellness goes deeper than just taking care of the body. It’s an all-encompassing concept that pertains to the health of the mind and heart as well. These influencers are about being real with the struggles that each of us face when it comes to wellness and they share content that can help us connect better with these parts of ourselves we often disconnect from, especially in this fast-paced, always-on world.

Ashira Paraskevas: Mental Health and Body Positivity Advocate(@ashparaskevas)



Ash is a former beauty queen who has opened up about her own journey with body image and mental illness. Her posts are very real, raw, and authentic. She is a breath of fresh air in a scroll on the feed that is usually filled with retouched, curated images. She creates some very thought-provoking content that asks her audience really important questions about normalising acne, body hair,  stretch marks, belly rolls, as well as things that go deeper like mental illness,  eating disorders, and trauma.  She is honest and unapologetic, relatable, empowering, and immensely inspiring. A scroll through her feed is definitely a good idea when you are feeling down about your own body and mental health.


Emma & Carla Papas : Yoga, Pilates & Meditation (@themerrymakersisters)




Sisters Emma and Carla focus on teaching Yoga, Pilates, and Meditation as a means of taking care of the body that you are in TODAY. They don’t post before and after transformations like many fitness and wellness coaches and instead focus on celebrating what you can do with and for your body at this moment in time. They tackle some of the most difficult challenges when it comes to fitness and wellness including motivation and consistency. Their tutorials are easy to follow and not even a bit intimidating, which makes them the perfect influencers to follow at any point of your journey. They’re all about looking for the kind of movement and activities that feel good to you and doing more of that. They help take the guesswork and overwhelm out of the thousands of pieces of advice when it comes to fitness so you have at least a starting point.  And that’s a win in our book!



Fashion and style are fabulous outlets for our personality. This form of creative expression allows us to take care of our mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as our physical appearance, of course. Getting in a style rut can affect our body image and  mental state when experienced in the extreme. If you have been needing inspiration lately, these influencers show us how to own our bodies and express our authentic style.

Monikh Dale: Fashion Stylist (@monikh)



Leave it to Monikh to show you how to balance proportions, wear both colour and neutrals, as well as prints and plains. These are the fundamental basics when it comes to creating your personal style and Monikh has a way of executing looks so exquisitely. She looks effortless but very much put together.  Fashion enthusiasts as well as ladies just beginning to explore their personal style can definitely learn more than a couple of things by scrolling through Monikh’s looks. She is a contributor for Who What Wear UK and a former personal shopper. So you’ll know that she has seen loads of garments in her career, and you can trust her to make the best recommendations and styling cues.


Imani Randolph: Model (@champagnemani)



Imani's eclectic style is a perfect demonstration for wearing whatever you want  and looking amazing! We love that she is  evidently in love with her body and she oozes confidence in everything she wears. Sometimes it’s hard to imagine certain pieces in different colours and cuts and have them look good, but Imani is able to pull them off and look absolutely stunning. She looks comfortable and at home in her body and the clothes she wears, which is both inspiring and empowering.


Like fashion, the fun thing about makeup and skincare is that there are so many products and looks to try. The fact that makeup can be put on and taken off gives a different sense of freedom as well. Being able to change your mind at any time depending on your current needs and preferences, or on trends. These influencers show us how to have fun with beauty products, while being authentic and loyal to their personal preferences and individual style.

Rowi Singh:  Makeup Artist and Founder of The Artist Archives (@rowisingh)



You’ve probably seen Rowi’s makeup looks on your feed. She’s established herself as a household name with her colourful and endlessly creative makeup looks. She’s the epitome of creative experimentation when it comes to makeup. She comes up with gorgeous looks and unique techniques and compliments them with funky, one-of-a-kind accessories. She is also the founder of The Artist Archives, where she features  and uplifts other incredibly creative POCs like herself. That is a queen move we absolutely love!


Belicia Arnold: Skincare Enthusiast and Content Creator (@bybelicia)


@bybelicia if ur ever gonna take ANY advice from me, make it be these 3 - thats all i gotta say 🫶🫧💗 #skincaretipsforyou #skincaretips #clearskinroutine #clearskintips #clearskintransformation #skincarehacksthatactuallywork ♬ original sound - bybelicia


What sets Belcia apart from other skin care and beauty creators is that her passion and sense of humour is evident in each video she posts on Tiktok. This is probably why she has millions of views on her videos. She is very transparent with her skincare journey and reviews on products. She advocates for normalising texture, acne, dark circles, and the fact that perfection does not exist when it comes to skin. All of these make Belicia the perfect influencer to follow when you’re looking for product recommendations and a safe space to be wherever you are in your skincare journey.


There are definitely plenty more follow-worthy influencers out there and we won’t be able to highlight all these amazing creators. But we hope that this list has introduced you to influencers that create quality self-care content and that you are able to find more of them that make your daily social media scroll more inspiring!