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Meet Royal Essence's Christmas Collection 2022!

November 14, 2022 3 min read

Meet Royal Essence's Christmas Collection 2022!

Delightful scents are one of life’s little pleasures. And if you love scents as much as we do, you’ll know there’s nothing like a whimsical scented candle to get you in a holiday mood! For Holiday Season 2022, we’ve crafted four delicious new scents that are sure to make all things merry and bright!

Our Christmas candles come in gorgeous glass jars with festive illustrations in the most gorgeous holiday colours, topped off with an iridescent finish to bring a little extra sparkle into your home. Like the rest of our luxurious scented candles, each Christmas Candle is filled with 400 grams of natural soy wax, definitely enough to last you throughout the season–and beyond! And by now you already know that with Royal Essence products, each product comes with a sparkly surprise hidden within. ‘Tis the season to be sparkly!

Read on to get to know them and get a better idea of which one is perfect for the mood you want to create. Fair warning: reading on may also make you more certain that indeed, you need them all!





With the warm scent of cinnamon, vanilla, nutmeg with decadent aroma of gingerbread cookies and creamy frosting, the Gingerbread Swirl Candle transforms any room into a warm kitchen where batches of gingerbread cookies come out fresh from the oven. This one is also the most nostalgic and it may inspire you to reach for your grandmother’s recipe box and make gingerbread cookies yourself. Each time you light it can call back to those happy holidays you spent with family on evenings gathered by the counter to decorate the cookies and after dinner spent around the fire.





The holidays are a time to celebrate! Think about the sounds of hearty laughter, good friends and family around, and scrumptious food on the table. All the good things in the year past deserve a toast! The Cranberry Cocktail Candle smells like a vivacious sparkly cocktail mixed with delectable fruity toss of sugared cranberries, soft winter rose & milky musk, reminiscent of a berrylicious bubbly.  It’s the perfect candle to light to get into a festive, celebratory mood. Light this one up while you prepare to go to the many parties you have on your calendar. make your sparkly surprise jewellery a part of your holiday getup too! Go sleigh, queen!




Fruity notes with peppermint, sugar and spice fill the Candy Cane Crush Candle. This candle is perfect for the sweet tooth and the girls and girls-at-heart that always land on the Nice list. This candle smells sweet, but is well rounded with the peppermint and spice. This candle works well to elicit a child-like excitement for the holidays. Who doesn't want that? Think hot cocoa stirred with a candy cane while you attempt to wait till late for Santa to arrive and waking up to presents under the tree.





One of the most exciting things to do on the holiday is choosing a tree for your home. Imagine a flurry of pine, mistletoe, cedar, and sensuous sandalwood in the air. This is exactly what you get with the  Mistletoe Kiss Candle.  This candle is bound to bring the gorgeous, deep scents of a lush green forest into your home.

At this point, you may already have an idea of which ones to get! Since our candles are made of natural soy wax and made with the best fragrance oils, they have a cleaner burn and an amazing fragrance throw. It's important for a Holiday candle to be able to fill any room and any home with rich, warm scents and turn it into a cosy haven.

Like all of our products, Royal Essence Christmas candles perfect for gifting! If you have a long list of loved ones on your Christmas shopping list this year, have a look at this blog post to help you choose what to get for all the wonderful women in your life.