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What is an Advent Calendar and Why Ours is Different

November 24, 2022 4 min read

What is an Advent Calendar and Why Ours is Different

‘Tis the season for Advent Calendars! There’s just something about uncovering little surprises everyday leading up to Christmas that bring out the child in each of us. It’s always more than the actual gift you receive behind the cardboard doors. It’s the gift of giddiness, simple joy, and sweet anticipation for the big day. Royal Essence is dedicated to creating this magical experience on a daily basis-- holiday or not --with our products revealing a sparkly jewellery surprise in each of them. This is why we are so excited to introduce you to theRoyal Essence ‘Tis the Season Advent Calendar



The word “advent”  comes from Latin “adventus”, which means “arrival” or “coming”. Like many of the widely celebrated Christmas traditions, the Advent Calendar has its roots in Germany. As we know it today, it is widely attributed to German Gerhard Lang in the 1920s, whose mother made cookies and put them on a numbered piece of cardboard for him to unwrap and eat on each day leading up to Christmas. He grew up to own a bookstore and paid homage to their mother-son Christmas tradition, and added doors to the cardboard, so as to make the contents a surprise. He did, however, put little pictures behind the doors instead of cookies.

This did not last long at all because the war broke out. The calendars were banned and resources were rationed, including cardboard used to manufacture them.

In the 1950s, Cadbury took this idea and created Advent Calendars containing chocolates. It was also around this time that they started to gain popularity. Its succeeding worldwide success and recognizability was attributed to US President Eisenhower being photographed opening one with his grandchildren.

Today, many different versions of this celebratory gift have been created and continue to be created every time the holidays roll around.  However, the Royal Essence ‘Tis the Season Advent Calendar is unlike any other. Read on to find out why!


Our Advent Calendar features 12 40-gram candles. Each of these candles have a burn time of 10-15 hours. It’s the perfect way to gear up and count down to the holidays. These luxurious mini candles can last you all through the Holiday season– and beyond!

You can light one up when you plan out your holiday schedule. Light another when you are wrapping presents. And light yet another while you get ready for a party. These candles will be yours to enjoy however you want!

Like all of our candles, the mini candles in the Advent Calendar are made with natural soy wax, cotton wicks, and premium fragrances. These make for a better fragrance throw than most candles. This guarantees that the whole room is filled with exquisite scents that are sure to uplift your spirits and make you look forward to the festive season!




Speaking of fragrances, you get to experience 12 different scents in our Advent Calendar!  This list below will give you an idea of what to expect when you open up our book-style Advent Calendar:

Blueberry Parfait: This candle smells like freshly picked blueberries blended with vanilla, creamy custard and whipped cream. The perfect holiday dessert!

Lychee Peony: This candle bursts with a fruity and floral combination with peony petals and juicy lychee fruit that creates subtle freshness all throughout.

White Musk:  The White Musk candle is perfect for lending a luxurious touch to any space with a surreal mix of light musky undertone with fresh and velvety fragrance base notes.

Tuberose and Plum: The Tuberose and Plum Candle has an uplifting blend of tuberose, plum cocktail, and a bouquet of white magnolias.

Sweet Rockmelon: With a juicy medley of watermelon, peach, and banana for an exciting burst of freshness, this is the one to light up on a warmer holiday morning.

Vanilla Caramel: With mouthwatering salted butter caramel mixed with luscious vanilla and sugar syrup, the Vanilla Caramel Candle is reminiscent of warm, sweet treats fresh from the oven.

Wild Bluebell: Bursting with every imaginable floral note, wild bluebell is mixed with sweet violets and hyacinth to transport you to the beauty and splendour of an 18th century English garden, this candle is the one to light when you are craving for a hint of spring.

Juicy Peach: The Juicy Peach Candle has notes of sweet and juicy peach, glowing in an orchard layered with notes of lush greenery and soft florals. It’s an indulgent scent reminds us of fresh peaches good enough to put into a lovely peach cobbler pie. 

Cactus Blossom:  This candle is the perfect balance of refreshing and aroma of lotus blossom blended with white musk and vanilla.

Coconut and Elderflower: The Coconut and Elderflower candle sweet creamy vanilla notes mixed with tropical coconut flesh and floral hibiscus

Vanilla Pear Margarita: This candle channels a festive concoction of smooth vanilla, juicy pear, and nectar-sweet sugar cane.

Guava Lychee: The Guava Lychee Candle is a fruity filled fragrance with tropical layers of sweet ripened guava and sour lychee mixed with a berry cocktail. Warm, festive, and indulgent!

If these gorgeous candles have you all excited, read on so we can tell you the best part!



Royal Essence products are  always iconic because of the big reveal! This time with the Advent Calendar, the necklace reveal is unpredictable. It could be in any one of the 12 candles. That makes it even more fun to count down to the big day! The Advent Calendar rewards you with a gorgeous sterling silver necklace to add a bit of sparkle to your every day and out on the many parties you’re going to attend this season. 


This collection was crafted with a lot of love.  The ‘Tis the Season Advent Calendar is the most thoughtful gift you can give to yourself and to those that make your heart burst at the seams with joy. It’s a gift that keeps giving, 12 times over. Oh, when the necklace is revealed, make that 13!