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Your Girlfriend Wants The Viral Tiktok Ring Candles for Valentine’s, Trust Us.

Your Girlfriend Wants The Viral Tiktok Ring Candles for Valentine’s, Trust Us.

Last year, your Valentine’s For You Page on Tiktok was probably filled with people lighting candles with a surprise inside. A number of videos with millions of views got women tagging their partners on the comment section to ask for a scented candle. So how did a scented candle, a dreaded generic gift for colleagues and acquaintances, end up on every girl’s V-Day wish list? Jewellery surprises. 


@gracedray My bf got me a candle with a ring in it for Xmas #royalessence #ringreveal #candle #ring #xmas #fyp ♬ original sound - erin.lorraine

These candles don’t only smell and look good, they also hide a piece of jewellery worth at least $90 to $5000. With over 600 stunning pieces to find, these jewellery candles got Tiktok lurkers commenting that their boyfriends need to take notes. 

Now that the boys know better this year, Royal Essence is stepping up their game with new scents and a gold and rose gold addition to the collection! If you’re looking for a gift for yourself or your partner, these products are the perfect self-care gifts with an extra surprise!

Here are some of our most romantic products that your loved one will want to flaunt on Tiktok this Valentine’s Day!

Venus Sky

Take your partner to the ultimate tropical love paradise with  Venus Sky. This fruity candle has notes of strawberries, coconuts, and pink guava to take your breath away. Imagine you and your date sitting in front of gorgeous peachy pink skies with a touch of purple hues. This scent encapsulates that sunset feeling that will make you fall in love.

Unlike our Core Collection candles, this one contains rose gold vermeil jewellery for an extra dash of romance! 

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Let’s Avo-cuddle!

Forget Netflix & Chill, snuggle up with your favourite person and feel cosy with  Let’s Avo-cuddle!  Our brand new Feel Good Collection features adorable puns, coloured wax, and fun jar designs to show your love for yourself and your loved ones! This candle will make you want to wear fuzzy socks and hide under heavy blankets with comforting notes of lotus blossom, musk, and vanilla!

This candle has a 925 sterling silver surprise with different jewellery choices from rings, necklaces, and earrings! 

Donut Worry, Be Happy

Single this Valentine’s? This candle says  Donut Worry, Be Happy!  Nothing is a sweeter self-love reminder than a donut-scented candle. Be in your happy place when you light this freshly-baked scent that smells just like your favourite donut shop! 

Who says you can’t get yourself jewellery? Sweeten the deal by revealing your sparkly surprise worth at least $90!

Ocean Waves

Feel the ocean breeze the moment this  Ocean Waves whipped soap hits your nose! This whipped soap is the perfect gift for your partner who needs some relaxation and a well-deserved time off. With ocean accords, this whipped soap will moisturise your skin and make you feel fresh. Plus, it’s a perfectly practical gift as it can be used as shaving cream, bath bubbles, and shower soap all at once!

Just like our candles, this ocean-scented whipped soap also contains a 925 sterling silver jewellery surprise, just like finding treasure in the middle of the ocean!

Pucker up

This extra fun and flirty Pucker Up bath bomb is a crowd favourite! With a tantalising fruity-floral fusion, this lip-shaped bath bomb is bursting with rich notes of melons, peach, banana, and lily of the valley. Add a sprinkle of glitter, a stunning red-orange hue, and running hot water, and you have a nice Valentine’s bath!

After a luxurious bath, make your loved one smile with a sparkly surprise waiting to be revealed! A bauble will simply float, hiding a piece of jewellery to flaunt!

In Full Bloom 

If you’re looking for a more subtle and relaxing bath bomb,  In Full Bloom is Pucker Up’s calmer sister. This bath bomb is scented with a combination of wild poppies, pink roses, and honeydew. Ditch your regular bouquet, this rose-shaped bath bomb will give your loved one the best pamper time!

This bath bomb also adds an extra bling hiding right in the centre—a sterling silver surprise worth $90 to $5000!

Candy Wonderland

For the kids at heart, the sweetest  Candy Wonderland body scrub is reminiscent of a playful carnival date with its bubble gum scent. Our body scrubs are formulated for all skin types, including sensitive ones. These fine sea salts will make your skin glow and feel smooth.

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This gift will bring the fun in the shower and make exfoliating less boring! With an added sparkly twist, surprise your partner with sparkly jewellery right in the middle of the jar!

Love Spell

This is no love potion, but it’s pretty close.  Love Spell is infused with sweet peach blossom, bergamot, musk, strawberry, and apple blossom. This fruit garden concoction will make you fall in love and fill your room with all the romantic notes. This diffuser can also last up to 6 months!

Just like our other products, our Love Spell diffuser also comes with a jewellery surprise! This time it’s in a velvet pouch for an extra lovely sparkly gift.